Interview with Arttu Malkki from AEON

Aeon heeft met hun laatste release laten blijken tot 1 van de toppers in de death metal wereld te behoren. Deze puike metallers hebben met Aon’s Black een stevige pot herrie neergezet. Hoog tijd dus om  drummer Arttu een paar vragen via mail te sturen!


How are you doing?
Arttu : Fine thanks!

For those unknown to Aeon, can you tell us a bit about the band?
Arttu: Aeon is a band that started with a bunch of  members from the band Defaced Creation. Since then Aeon has released four albums. The fourth “Aeons Black” is just released and we hope that all the fans will enjoy it!

Aeon’s Black is the fourth release, are you satisfied with the outcome of this record?
Arttu: Yes of course we are really satisfied with it. Both the material and how the production turned out.

The album is mixed an mastered by Ronnie Björnström. I think he did a great job!
How was it working with Ronnie?
Arttu: Ronnie is great to work with. Very patient and understanding. He has a great ability to hear what sounds good and what doesn´t. He´s just a natural when it comes to a studio situation.

How did the record process went for this album?
It went really smooth. I think it´s much because of Ronnie and that we are pretty disciplined in the studio.

On the earlier albums there was a real Deicide, Cannibal Corpse stamp on the sound. It seems this time around you guys found a more own identity?
Arttu: Yes I believe so. Of course there will always be influences of some kind but it still sounds Aeon.  

Are there for you any songs on the album which stands out for you?
Arttu: My personal favorite is “Nothing left to destroy“.

You guys are from Sweden, but instead of making Swedish melodic death you guys went to the more brutal depths of oldschool death. Where did this passion for this brutal music came from?
Arttu: Well we all grew up with bands like Cannibal corpse, Morbid Angel and Deicide so it felt natural to play that kind of music. We just think that it sounds better this way.

At moment you guys are on the road! I guess there are new songs played. How are those songs received so far?
Arttu: Hehe! We haven´t actually played the new songs live yet. But on Friday we will have our premiere here in our home town and we will see then how the fans like our new stuff..

Next year you will be touring with Obscura who got their 10th anniversary tour.  Are you looking  forward to this tour?
Arttu: All the guys in the band are pumped up for this tour. It´s gonna be a killer.

Neurotic Deathfest 2011 you guys played a great gig! Are their any plans on coming back to Holland soon?
Arttu: Yes that gig was really great! We had a lot of fun there and the crowd was awesome. Right now we don’t have any plans of going to Holland. But I´m sure it will come in a near future.

The new record is out and there is a great tour coming up, what else is down the pipeline for Aeon?
Arttu: Right now the band is focused on getting on tour to promote the new album. But further down the line there will probably be a video recorded and some more touring.

What is the next milestone you wish to achieve with Aeon?
Well I believe that a US tour will be the next big thing for Aeon. We have a lot of fans there and it would be great to tour there.

Thanks for answering these questions , is there anything you wish to share ?
Thank you! We´ll see you on tour!


Interviewer Ronald van de Baan