Interview with Dave Culross of Suffocation

Interview with Dave Culross of Suffocation

Suffocation , one of the founders of death metal is back with a new album “ Pinnacle of Bedlam” in February. I was one lucky basterd, who got the change to blast this amazing record! Dave Culross is back behind the drum kit. So with this new record coming up it’s a nice opportunity to ask him some questions

LR: Thanks for your time, how’s life?
DC: Life is going well, thanks.

LR: Pinnacle of Bedlam, will be released February 15th  2013, what can the fans expect?
DC: Expect brutal death metal, with a lot of blast beats, fast double bass, munching guitars, pummeling bass, and the voice of Frank Mullen, to round it out!

LR: Can you tell us a bit about how the record process of ” Pinnacle of Bedlam” went?
DC: It went better than I think everyone anticipated. We went into the studio having never rehearsed 90% of it, so the pressure was on because we HAD to come out with a record in a month’s time! We all played our parts clean, in a rather timely manner, and with tones we were all psyched about.

LR: The album is once again produced by Joe and mastered this time by Zeuss, how was it to work with them on this album?
DC: Joe is always a pleasure to work with, and I love what Zeuss did to the scratch tracks! Joe is quick at what he does, so you’re not sitting around waiting for him to have stuff done on his end. It’s always “whenever you’re ready, go ahead!” As far as Zeuss, Derek communicated with him, and said he was super easy to work with, and quick about his craft, as well! We went back and forth with his test mixes only like 4 times, to make minor tweaks, to come up with the final mix.

LR: Does all the members have input in the songwriting?
DC: Yes. I created the majority of my drum patterns, aside from a few simple beats, like blasts and such, where Terrance had the beat idea for his riff, already. Guy and Derek wrote stuff either by themselves, or collectively with Terrance. One song we wrote 100% in the studio… That one, I believe Frank penned his own lyrics for. The rest were Terrance and Derek.

LR: You are  back on drums, when did you come back in the picture?
DC: I returned in January 2012. I had six rehearsals, and went straight to playing shows, and touring.

LR: Will there be a tour supporting “Pinnacle of Bedlam”?
DC: Yes, in March 2013, we tour theUS.Europe is being set up for May.  I’m sure there will be a full world tour, but this is what I know of for now.

LR: I have been a lucky bastard and already could bang my head on these brutal songs. There is a good mix between up and midtempo death songs. “” My Demise” is my favorite. What is your favorite from the upcoming album?
DC: I like all of them… It’s hard to have a favorite at this point. I like the fact that there are slower songs I get to play groove in, yet I like the fact that there is fast stuff I can blast, and play fast doubles over. Like you said, it has a good mix.

LR: It’s been 4 years since the release of “Blood Oath“, what have you guys been doing during the two releases?
DC: We played shows. With me being back in the band, Suffocation played more shows in the first two months of 2012, than the entire year of 2011… And that was only January and February!!

LR: Suffocation is an influence for many extreme metal acts.  Who has been the influence for Suffocation?
DC: Bands like Destruction, Pestilence, Death,  Slayer, and old stuff like Cryptic Slaughter influenced that fast tempo.

LR: Which of the new bands would you recommend is worth listen to?
DC: I don’t listen to much new metal. I listen to other styles of music (to draw influences from). Been doing this so long, now, I don’t want to get burnt out by listening to metal all the time. What I heard of the new Dehumanized sounds sick, as well as the new Rings of Saturn.

LR: Are their bands out there you might want to collaborate with in the future?
DC: I would love to see a tour of the “BIG 5″… Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Napalm Death, and Suffocation! That would be a sick concert!!!

LR: Besides releasing an amazing record in 2013 what else is down the pipeline for Suffocation?
DC: We are going to support this record, live, as much as we can, then start work on another new record.

LR: Thanks for your time is there anything you guys wish to share with our readers?
DC: Don’t hesitate to buy the new Suffocation album! You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for everyone’s support!!!


Interviewer:  Ronald van de Baan

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