‘The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart’ is Sepultura’s 13th album, soon to be released on October 25th. Time to sit down and have a talk with Sepultura’s frontman Derrick Green.

Hello Derrick, how are you doing?
I am fantastic, thanks.

Well great to hear that! So, the new album is to be released in October, could you give us a few glimps on what we can expect?
Basically we have been working on this for quite a while now and we recorded everything in Los Angeles, it was the first time recording out of Brazil for a really long time for us, so I had a lot of influence on what was going on, on the new album. The sounds that came out were a mix of being in Sao Paulo and in the U.S. and from what I have been hearing, I have listened to the masters and everything, it’s just great to hear it. The whole process of working so hard and not really knowing what the outcome is going to be. So it’s really exciting to hear the whole thing, so it’s really fresh and new for me as well and I think it’s a really dark and sinister album in a way and very very very heavy. I admit I’m extremely excited for it.

I can imagine ! I have had the opportunity to listen to the album I am surprised by the change of style, What made you guys decide to go this way?
I think it just happened naturally. It was the first time recording with Eloy Cassagrande, our drummer, and that had a big impact on the songwriting and the sound changing, It’s a really fast album with a lot of drive, and Eloy brings that drive to the music. The combination of us being excited about his drive and his drive in general, ultimately created this new sound.

And why is it that you have chosen this title for the album? I know it’s a phrase but don’t you think it might be a bit too long?
Hahahaha, well no I don’t think so. It really gets people thinking and it’s something that we never done before. It also has a strong meaning behind it so I think people just have to adapt to that and it’s good for them to put their brains in motion asking themselves “Why would they possibly do that?” For us personally, it’s just that fact that it fits so perfectly with what we are trying to get across.

Okay, and so you can say with music and lyrics in general, that it’s more of a message you want to bring out to the fans or just an outlet for you?
Well I think it’s more of an outlet. We all are part of an environment and we produce things about what affects us, at least that is what we like to write about and I think thát really comes across.

And, naturally, the new album is nothing from what you have done before in that aspect.
Right, though in my perspective the new album became even more personal . I felt that we were tighter as a group. We have been working so long with each other and just being together for so many years I feel that we become stronger at the writing process, so that definitely changed with what we are going through, that ‘togetherness’.

Next to having Eloy on drums, Dave Lombardo made a guest appearance, and how was it to work with him?
It was great, really relaxed how everything happened. He was out in the U.S. with his kids and their dog and he was just in the neighbourhood and Ross is pretty good friends with him so he asked Dave to stop by. And next thing we knew it we set up a drumkit and just play some stuff and jamming.

So at first it wasn’t even planned ?
No not at all ! It was extremely spontaneous, like friends hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. So it was great to see how naturally it all came about. We were all ecstatic, but Eloy was kind of freaking out {laughing}.

Well I can imagine, him being the new boy and all…
Right, he was like, playing across from one of his biggest idols. Just to see the smile on his face was worth millions.

That’s great ! But what about the album cover? It’s so dark and sinister, who designed it?
It’s designed by a Brazilian artist from Belo Horizonte, the same city where Sepultura originated from. A friend of ours who worked with Sepultura suggested him, and after we saw his work, we felt that it really fit the vibe of the album. So he was the perfect guy for us to design the cover and at the same time get away from skulls. On almost every album that I see, there are millions of skulls, including our own, on the last album. I didn’t exactly knew what I was looking for to replace the skull theme but his art just popped up at the right time and it fits perfectly.

And when the album is released, what is the response you hope to get?
I don’t know, I just want people to definitely realize that it’s different from the last album, you know. {laughs} If you say that it’s different, it’s great. Other than that, I don’t know, I am really curious to tell you the truth. I have no idea what to expect. I gave everything that I could and hopefully people will hear that, that we pushed ourselves to a 100 percent.

One of the tracks, ‘Grief’, is totally different from the other tracks and it’s almost weird, in a good way. What was the process behind this song?
Well, Andreas and I have been half-jokingly talking about how even the heaviest bands have ballads and that we didn’t have anything close to that, so that was a goal for us to try to do something that was like a ballad, but still something completely different and have It grow. So yeah that was really how the idea came about.

Well, to me, it worked out great! But do you have any favorite songs on the upcoming album?
Thank you! Yeah, I really like ‘Tsunami and uhm {ponders for a moment} “Age of the Atheist” at the moment, but the favourites keep switching back and forth with other songs.

Maybe it’s a bit too early to ask, but are there any milestones you wish to achieve or any other thing you’d like to do with Sepultura?
Well a film based on the entire history of Sepultura would be something I’d like to do, having each and every one who contributed to Sepultura in every way on the film in order to tell how it all started, why it’s still here and the changes that have happened and this being told by, not only us, but also by the people who have been part of it as well. It would be great for the fans and others to have that and to see that. We have been attempting to do just that for the past two years. It’s not easy but we truly believe the end result is something great so we’re still working our hardest to make it happen.

I’m looking forward to that ! On a side note: I watched your gig in June last year in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, with The Lucifer Principle, are you planning on coming back anytime soon ?
Sooner rather than later really. As you know, the album is released in October and after that we’re going to tour the U.S. at the start off November. But in February next year we plan to be touring through Europe so maybe then, at least that’s the idea, but The Netherlands is definitely on the map from what I’ve seen so far.

Good good !! Well, the questions that I had are answered, thank you very much for your time, is there anything you wish to share with us ?
Yeah it’s not a problem, thank you! Definitely check out the live shows, we are looking forward to play again and touring. We missed all the festivals and stuff this year because off the writing process and recording the album, so we really look forward to be back in Europe again so come check out the shows !

I’ll be watching out for that ! Thank you again and I wish you a good day.
Thank you so much and you too!


Interview taken by Imke van Rossum

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