Interview with Joni from Unleashed

Interview with Joni from Unleashed.

16875_405587070044_153235_nDawn of the Nine , is the upcoming achievement from the masters of Viking metal Unleashed. Yet again this record is an awesome powerride for the lovers of true viking metal. Enough reasons to ask Joni some questions through mail!

Hi Joni, “Dawn of the  Nine” Is Unleashed’s latest effort. Can you tell us  a bit about the record?

Hi, the new album was recorded during two years of process. We aimed for a variety of songs; meaning fast, mid-paced and slow ones. And to add some more dynamics to the production it was recorded In Fredrik’s own Chrome Studios. We are naturally very happy with the new album. We are now looking forward to hearing the comments from our Warriors.

Where does “Dawn of the Nine” stand for?

If I start with the cover art work it shows the aftermath of the great battle of Odalheim (the last song of the previous album). It also has a plave of Blot in the front with the rune stone and the symbol of courage for the new dawn on it. There is a need for some hope for the future. This symbol represents not only the courage for warriors, but also then the hope in the new day. Courageousness in the new world Odalheim.

There is a bombed out church on the cover-art.  I reckon you guys still don’t care much for the Christian belief?

And that applies to all religions.unleasheddawncd“Dawn of the Nine” is yet another great addition to the band’s already impressive discography. Is it hard to keep the motor running during all these years?

Thank you very much!
No not at all. On the contrary; I feel more motivated than ever. We all do in the band. I still wake up many days of the week wondering how much time I can devote to the band, apart from family, job etc. It is a way of life….not really a band in that respect.

The new record has an awesome old school sinister production. Who did the production for this record?

Our guitar player Fredrik. Just like he did for the past 14 years or so now. We think this has just gotten better by the years.

One of the song titles “The Bolt Thrower” draws my attention and I wondered if it was an ode to the mighty Bolt thrower!

Haha….not really. However….that would not be too strange since it is one of my favourite bands. However, “The Bolt Thrower” is about the new leader and high commander of the Hammer Battalions. Just like his father, he goes by many names, or nicknames if you wish. His warriors call him the Bolt Thrower.

Dawn of the Nine will be released through Nuclear Blast Records. How is it be on label with them?

It is great actually. They are very professional and take care of things. Good job all around really.

Unleashed is often named as the pioneer of Viking death metal, how do you look at being labeled like that?

I think that’s pretty accurate. Death metal or Viking death metal is fine with me. I think Heavy Load was earlier with heavy metal and Viking mythology. Bathory then in black metal….and perhaps we were the first introducing the Viking traditions and values into death metal, so the label is fine with me.

Besides metal what else keeps you busy in daily life?

I am a finance manager for a Swedish company, so that keeps me busy of course. Family, football, ice hockey and some Bandy then too…..and nice drinks and Irish coffee of course.


Besides the release of “Dawn of the Nine”, what else is in the pipeline for Unleashed?

We are now looking forward to the summer festivals starting in May in London. And of course to see what our warriors feel about the new album, that’s the most important thing right now.

Thank for your time, is there anything you wish to point out to the readers?

Thanks for the interview. Hail Odin! /Johnny


Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan

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