Interview with Olof from ENFORCER

Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer has once again returned to Baroeg Rotterdam, together with Angel Witch and Grand Magus. We couldn’t but try to have an interview with them. And it worked! Olof Wikstrand was more than willing to sit down with us and have this interview.

Hi, you’re a bit halfway on the European tour, how is it going so far?
So far it’s been very well I think, almost all the shows were sold out or nearly sold out. It’s a good bill you know Grand Magus being a quite new but experienced band which we toured with before and Angel Witch who is a bit classic and then us, a new genre band. I think it’s a perfect package, every band can pull out their own special audience as well as a core audience we all share. I think it’s a really good tour.

You are on tour with Grand Magus and Angel Witch, how is it to be on a tour with them?
It’s really really nice, we know them since before so it’s working out really well. And with Angel Witch we toured through Scandinavia and the UK a lot and all their crew as well, they are all very easygoing guys so there weren’t any problems.

This is not the first time you are playing in Baroeg, how is it to be back here?
Well, I don’t know… Many venues we played before and it feels familiar in some way.

Your newest album “Death By Fire”  just released a few weeks ago, are you getting the response you were hoping for?
I don’t really hope for any response, the most important thing is that we create music that we are satisfied with and that we do something that we want to hear ourselves. And as long as we are happy, that’s the only thing you have to care about, because it’s an outlet for your creativity and passion about music. So what other people think is totally irrelevant, but we’re glad that people appreciate what you do.

And they do?
Yeah they seem to do so far really, amazingly, like totally overwhelming. Because no one was really expecting it would be appreciated this much so it’s really awesome.

Like you said you only create music you’re satisfied with, but are there things you want to do differently next time?
No not really, you always learn from your earlier experience, like those how we found out that we wanted to create this album the way we did. We recorded the album entirely by ourselves and I would love to do that again. If you want to do something that you can stand for 100% and not 90%, you need to do it yourself and that’s something we’re going to stick to as far as it seems now, you never know what happens, but that’s what we are going to continue to do and try to, because it’s about the urge to do things better all the time and we try to concentrate even more on what we do.

Enforcer has been going on for almost a decade, what period of time stands out the most for you personally, and why?
A decade is a bit exaggerated haha. Enforcer as a band started in 2006 so it’s really not that long, about 5,5 years or something so we still see ourselves as newcomers, but you always look forward and you always have new goals in your mind, so at the moment there isn’t a time that stands out for me. You always progress and go forward so on how things are going better and better all the time and it’s going in the same direction so whenever you would ask me this question I would answer that now is the period that stand out the most.

How did Enforcer start in 2006 ?
It started more or less like a one-man band from my side and I wrote a few songs because I have been working as a recording engineer a lot before so I wrote and recorded a few songs entirely by myself because I was discovering lots of new music at that time and I needed an outlet to all of that inspiration in some ways. But the written songs were not originally meant for a band or anything, and it spread on the internet and at some point gotten a lot of appreciation. So after that I gathered a few friends of mine, first my brother Jonas. And my friend Adam, who left the band unfortunately, but the three of us started Enforcer together. And after that Tobias and Joseph joined Enforcer. So that’s pretty much how it started.

Some say your music show a lot of similarities with the early Iron Maiden stuff, are they the main the reason you started playing?
Yeah well, more or less. I have always been listening to Iron Maiden and such bands, but it is difficult not to copy them or be a tribute to any band. You listen to a lot of different music and then create something of your own. It’s like putting all of it through a filter and pick out the things you think that fits the band, driven by a concept that you have in your mind. A lot of creativity but that’s how I come up with music, inspiration wise.

What kind of equipment are you currently using?
Like guitars?

Well I have a Gibson Les Paul and a Marshall amplifier and that’s it really. I’m really happy with the tool and what you can do with it.

What is the next milestone Enforcer is hoping to achieve?
Well we’re going to play in South America in April and that’s pretty much the last big goal to play and afterwards we’re going to play in North America and then Asia and Japan as far as traveling goes, but you always have to get back, it’s a tough work and you always need to be out there so, we hope to tour as much as we can, that’s the plan. And to take our music to as many people as we can.

Is there any chance a DVD is coming up in the future?
I don’t know really. We haven’t been talking about that yet but we’re playing in Athens next week where we will record the whole show multitracked so we might use that, but nothing is certain for sure. We’ll see how it turns out.

Thank you for doing this Interview, is there anything you wish to share?
You’re welcome. As long as you guys are happy then we’re happy as well.



Interview taken by Imke van Rossum


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