Interview with Samy Elbanna from Lost Society

Interview Samy Elbanna  

Lost Society komt op 15 maart op de proppen met een schitterende thrashrelease ! Veel mag ik er nog niet over uitweiden maar knallen gaat het zeker!  De review van Fast Loud Death zal ook later dit jaar verschijnen. Het mag duidelijk zijn dat ik na het luisteren snel even wat vragen op papier heb neergezet voor Samy Elbanna om jullie alvast een eerste indruk te geven van Lost Society

LR: Hey Samy, how are things going?

Samy: Hey! Everything’s going really well thank you, hope you’re doing fine too!

LR: Can you tell us a bit how Lost Society got founded?
Samy: The band got its beginning in January 2010 when me and my friend started playing together and pretty soon we got ourselves a practise place in a local youth center. In that time we were looking for other players to join us but it was really hard. Over the course of the first months we went through many line-up changes, and finally in the summer of 2011 we completed the final line-up with Arttu Lesonen on guitar, Mirko Lehtinen on bass, Ossi Paananen on drums and myself on guitar and vocals!

LR: The album is recorded at the famous Sonic Pump Studio. How was it to record this album?
Samy: Before going there we had heard only positive things about the studio, and once we got there we knew we were in good hands. It was a very professional place with great employees and the best of equipment. The place generated amazing sounds for the album!

LR: What I think is the strength of this band is the energetic youth what is thrown straight in your face? Was it hard to get such a vibe recorded?
Samy: It is definitely true that the energy is one of the strongest points of our music, and we are all really happy with the outcome of the album and how our producer Nino Laurenne really captured the energy straight into the album. Even before the studio we were hoping that what we would end up with is a tight album with an old school attitude but modernized sounds, that’s what we got!

LR: The lyrics also made me laugh out hard.. Especially “Piss out of my Ass” , who wrote the lyrics and what was his inspiration?
Samy: Haha that’s good to hear. The name ‘Piss Out My Ass’ actually is inspired from the tv-showSouthPark! We’re all diehard fans of it! And I actually came in after Arttu and Mirko had done the music and I just started thinking about angry things (like usual when I make lyrics) and the rest is history! The phrase is just something you gotta say when enough is enough!

LR: Fast Loud Death is the debut of the band and will come out through Nuclear Blast. How is it to work with this label?
Samy: To sum it up, it’s been amazing! Right from the beginning of the signing process up to this day it’s been really great. They’ve really got everything covered and it’s been nice working with the stuff concerning the album etc.

LR: Which bands where the inspiration to make a speedy thrasher like Fast Loud Death?
Samy: The music we do is really a mixture of some of our favorite bands, the obvious ones that also have been the bands that inspired us to start playing thrash and do the fast riffing is Megadeth and Anthrax. The other side of the music is also the groovy parts which Pantera influenced us in. We’ve taken influences from those bands and put in the extra dose of Lost in it!

LR: Thrash fanatics will  be very happy with the upcoming album Fast Loud Death. But what do you think makes Lost Society different from all the other thrash releases at the  moment?
Samy: I’d say one of the strongest points of Lost Society is the energy I’d say. It is portrayed in the album but also in our live performances. Just full of fast loud power! We also have the groovy point of the music which we really like and hopefully everyone else will also!

LR: Even the cover breaths old school , who created this wicked cover!
Sami: The one and only Mr. Ed Repka! The cover is really cool, we all are very happy with it. Once we heard the Ed would be doing the cover, we knew It’d be awesome but this really blew us all away!

LR: And of course the production is ass kicking good, (love the bass sound) who produced and mastered the record?
Samy: Our producer was Nino Laurenne, awesome dude! And the mastering was done by Svante Försback from Chartmakers. The production was outstanding! All instruments have a really powerful sound and they’ll definitely hit you hard while listening to it!

LR: The sound is very old school thrash orientated, yet all the members are under 20. Is it safe to say old school thrash is finding his way back to the youth?
Samy: I’d say that old school is coming back. And we’d at least like to think we’re helping the music find its way back! Its powerful music and music that makes you bang your head and stick your fist is the air, who wouldn’t like that?!

LR: What can we expect from the band in the near future?
Samy: At least the album coming out on March 15th and playing shows after that! We’re gonna be locked up in our basement rehearsal place practicing our asses off and probably writing new stuff at the same time! Its gonna be a good year!

LR:Will there be a change soon we can see the band live inHollandor other places in Europe?
Samy:I’m sure of it, it’d be awesome to play out there and meet new people all aroundEurope! And to find all the thrash maniacs out there!

LR: Thanks for your time, is there anything you wish to share?
Samy: The pleasure was all mine! Gotta say thank you to all the supporters out there, keep on rockin’ everybody!! Regards from the whole crew!


Interview taken by Ronald van de Baan



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