Interview with Steve Asheim of Deicide

Interview with Steve Asheim of Deicide

Deicide komt weer met een album op de proppen. Nog even en we kunnen weer gaan genieten van het nieuwe schijfje getiteld In the Minds Of Evil. Tijd dus voor een interview met Steve asheim!


Hi Steve how are you doing?
Very we’ll, thank you. Yourself?

Doing great!

You guys are about to unleash the new beast “In the Minds of Evil”,  can you tell us a little bit about what to expect from this record?Yeah this is a pretty heavy old school slab of death metal. Pretty catchy riffs, brutal vocals & some great guitar and drum work. Pretty darn heavy

We all know Glenn is responsible for all the lyrics and most of the songwriting is your part. Did the new record “ In the Minds of Evil “ got the same approach?
We all had plenty of input this time around. That way there seems to be a freshness to riffs and writing. I think that’s what gives the record it’s sense of newness.

The title track is released among us and is again a real treat for us death metal fans. Are we in for any surprises song wise on this record?
I wouldn’t say surprises but you are in for one hell of a death metal juggernaut. Yeah the record will just carry you through from beginning to end and you’ll want to put it on again.

The artwork is sublime  as usual with the Deicide artwork. Who came up with this idea?
Glen searched the web for some appropriate art and found a real winner. I think It goes with the music and concept quite well.

You are one of the longtime members of Deicide besides Glenn of course, how is it to be part of a band who is such a big part of the death metal history?
It’s pretty good when people mention it in those terms but for me, from looking at it from the inside it just seemed like getting by in a band you know, year by year, album by album and just trying to keep the ball rolling.

496Deicide got some changes in their line-up over the years is, it safe to say you and Glenn are the ones who keeps this monster going?
Yes it’s safe to say that but then having a solid unit is just gonna make the band and our work that much stronger. So though we could do it ourselves we like having good people around us to make it even better.

You got and endorsement with Paiste and several others. Can you tell us a bit about the gear you use?
I like the Paiste Alpha series, they’re really tough and cut through live really well. I’ve got the Pearl Reference II kit it sounds incredible. I used it on the new record and the toms sound amazing. And the old Axis pedals with e kits are very good and accurate. Also the Alesis DM5 is a great trigger unit. Cheap and simple and effective . All great companies and I’d like to thank them all for their support.

Musician is a hard job, did the scene change much for you guys over the last 20 years ?
You know surprisingly enough it doesn’t seen to have changed much. Our fans have always been there for us so I’ve not noticed any difference. We’ve been lucky in that regard I suppose.

If you look back at your career which moment stands out for you and why?
I reckon some of the times we should’ve broken up but didn’t. Some of the crazy border incidents and other stuff like that not really related to playing but more of the traveling aspect.

download (4)What is the next thing you wish to achieve with Deicide ?
Well the record seems like it’s gonna take off so if we can pull off a bunch of great tours in support of it I think that’d be a good accomplishment .

Where did the passion for playing death metal came from ?
 I was just always into playing drums fast and hard and intensely and there just aren’t too many jobs where I can do that. And I didn’t know how much I like it until you try something else and realize how lame it is.

Besides playing in Deicide you also drum in the black metal band Order of Ennead, what is down  the pipeline for that band ? Can you tell us a bit about the future plans for Order of Ennead?
Well we’ve got a ton of material for another record and maybe after we knock out a few more tours for the Deicide record we can concentrate on  maybe getting another OOE record out and maybe some gigs to back it. I dig that band so I’d be into that.

You also layed down some guitarwork for Deicide in the past? How was it as a drummer to do this?
It’s really cool to be able to record all the parts yourself and get the whole record done. You can really get your ideas across unfiltered through someone else’s playing or perceptions. I’ve done some leads and vocals too, it’s just really fun putting it all together.

download (5)Besides that I even heard you played classical piano. Have you always been a multitalent musicalwise?
Well you never really know until you start trying to branch out. But it just always seemed natural to me. If you can play one instrument then why not another and another. It’s all music creation and the tools to master it with. A carpenter doesn’t just use a hammer, he’s got a whole tool box. So should musicians, use all the tools of the trade.

Besides being musician what else keeps you busy?
Just hobbies and stuff. Gigs, chicks, parties, working out, lots of relaxing too.

This about it. Thanks for your time. Is there anything you wish to share with our readers ?
Yes thank you all for your support over the years and hope you all enjoy the new record and we’ll see you on tour.


Interviewer Ronald van de Baan

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