Interview with the Vintage Caravan!

The  Vintage Caravan heeft onlangs een superplaat Voyage uitgebracht. Deze jonge mannen hebben een voorliefde voor bands uit de jaren 70. Dat hun ouders een goede muzieksmaak hebben is terug te horen Voyage. Hoog tijd voor een paar vragen.


For those unfamiliar to The Vintage Caravan, can you tell them a bit about you guys?
Hey there! Yeah of course, my name is Óskar I play guitar and I sing in The Vintage Caravan. We live in Iceland; the band that became TVC was started in 2006, when we were 12 years old. We play some sort of hard, prog, blues rock. We just got signed with Nuclear Blast; ‘Voyage’ is out now. 

vintage-caravanYou guys are young of age and created a sound straight from the good old 70’s. Where did the passion come from to create this particular sound!
It was never a question when we started playing together what type of music we’d play. We love riffs! Influenced by our parents record collection we got into rock at an early age.

The album is drowned in influences like Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and many other great 70’s bands, was it hard to create such a vintage sound in these modern days?

Nah. Well we had a kick ass producer who handled the recording, he is called Flexi.

I use vintage Marshalls in the studio, super tremolo plexi from 1969 and Alex used a fender bassman from the 60’s. But we wanted the album to sound big and powerful and pretty modern, but with old school song writing, some sort of mixture of that.

Alex Matus created the fantastic artwork for the album. What is the story behind the artwork?
We wanted to have an artwork involving polar bears on Voyage when we released it back home in 2012, but we just didn’t have enough time. When we signed with Nuclear Blast and got a chance to make a new cover for Voyage the polar bear theme was immediately our first suggestion. Alex then made this awesome artwork for us. The polar bears are a slight connection to Iceland even though we don’t have any of them there. They tend to drift from Greenland or the North Pole on ice and maybe 2-3 of them land on Iceland every ten years.

the-vintage-caravan_voyageVoyage is released through Nuclear Blast, how was it to ink a deal with such a major label and what is the next milestone you wish to achieve with The Vintage Caravan?
I guess we are still in a bit of a shock. We don’t really realize what has happened in the last few months, haha. But of course it’s a tremendous honor for us to be signed to Nuclear Blast. The next milestone is a tough one. We are playing at Eurosonic tomorrow which is a very important festival in The NetherlandsHopefully we will get some gigs next summer from the people we meet there and then we just have to tour and gig like crazy next summer: a European tour with grand magus in March, Roadburn and Wacken and more to be announced.

If you got to name one artist to share the stage with: Who would it be and why?
I am assuming he has to be alive, right?
If so I would love to share the stage with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. He is an amazing artist and to see him perform live is definitely a must-do

What made you decide to become a musician and can you tell us a bit about the gear you use?
I am very passionate about music, I have always been. After taking a few lessons when I was 9 I figured out that this is something I want to do.
|I own 8 electric guitars. On the road I use a Gibson Les Paul standard 2004 and an Icelandic Telecaster made by Gunnar Örn.
In the studio and on special occasions I use my vintage Marshalls, super tremolo 100w plexi from 1969, but mostly I tour with a Verellen Loucks 100w monster.

The album is out now, what else is down the pipeline for The Vintage Caravan?
A lot of touring, possibly moving outside of Iceland, finish writing our next album and have a great time. 

Thanks for answering these questions. Is there anything you wish to share with our readers?
Thanks to you as well.
I’d like to thank everyone who read this interview, please check us out on Facebook and pick up a copy of “Voyage”! Cheers.


Interview taken by Ronald van de Baan


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