Interview with Thomas Wouters – Bodyfarm

Interview with Thomas Wouters – Bodyfarm


Bodyfarm got a brilliant 2nd full lenght release The Coming Scourge.  They become a great live-gig! It’s time to ask Thomas Wouters some questions about the band and the album.


Hi Thomas, The coming Scourge has been unleashed. How does it feel now the album is out?
It should feel like a relief, but it’s only just beginning. We’re playing a lot of shows to promote the album, and doing a lot of interviews! But those are fun things to do.

The best way to me describe Bodyfarm,  is pure old school death metal. How do you see Bodyfarm?
I see Bodyfarm as something that keeps evolving along with the bandmembers in it. You can hear we’ve grown a lot since Malevolence, but there’s also more musical influences to be found on The Coming Scourge. I think the first EP and Malevolence can be best described as pure old school death, but I don’t think The Coming Scourge can carry any label. But then again, I’m not the most objective person to ask, haha.

Bodyfarm - The Coming ScourgeThe record made somehow a flashback to the 90ties. Is it safe to say you guys love old school death and is your major influence?
Well we used to listen a lot to all the classics like Grave, Unleashed, Dismember and so on, but everything gets boring eventually when you listen to it too much. Then you start to look for other sub genres in death metal, and suddenly you find yourself listening to Amon Amarth, Coffins, and a lot of other bands we don’t sound like, hahaha!

I have always been a fan of Dissection, and I think you can hear that in some of the songs. We really focused on melodics this time. We’re also black metal fans, and we dared to let some of that into our songwriting. To make a long story short: We love old school death metal, but the world of death metal is way bigger!

The new record “The Coming Scourge” is mixed and mastered by Ronnie Bjornstorm , how was it to work with him?
Ronnie is just the best guy to work with. When he accepts a job he starts working on it like crazy! He re-amped everything like five times until he was completely satisfied, while it already sounded massive. He just wants to do the best he can and he loves what he does. You can hear that on every album he has worked on.

 The album is direct and very brutal,  from where do you guys gain the inspiration to make something as nice fucking brutal as this record?
Like I tried to explain before, we all listen to very different kinds of metal. Quint has a Coffins-phase right now, while I’m in a Emperor mood, hahaha. When listen to a certain kind of music, it will influence your kind of riffing or arranging. We don’t have rules in the band on what we should sound like. The only thing we always need is groove, and easy-listening songs. I mean, listen to that band The Faceless. Very impressive, but you can’t call that a ‘song’ anymore.

Oh, and we like a good traditional solo climax every now and then.

This records , for me makes me picture you guys getting on the same level as let’s say Hail of Bullets?  Where do you guys see yourself. When thinking of the future?
Hah, we wish! Hail Of Bullets is far more bigger then us. They were already big when they started. I do hope that we have made a milestone by releasing this album. Our goal in the next few years is to become a wanted band on the bigger festivals in Europe, and play extra club shows across the borders.

download (3)You guys are out touring the new album,  how are the shows going so far?
The shows are great so far! You can tell from the crowd that people are really coming to see us, and to some we’re still a pleasant surprise. Our stage performance is passionate and people like that. It doesn’t matter to us if we play for 100 or 500 people, we always have fun playing. Still a lot of shows to do this year, in France, Switzerland, Germany and of course our own country at Eindhoven Metal Meeting!

Stefan Gebedi, of HOB/ Thatanos,  layed a solo on “Der Landkreuzer“ how was it to work with the Dutch death metal legend?
Haha, I’m sure he’ll love that title. Stephan is a friend of ours, and we found a passage on the album that was really suitable for his style of soloing. He was in for the job and delivered an aggressive and haunting piece of guitar abuse. Ronnie Björnström mixed it right in and the song was done!


Dirk Willems (once Begotten) laid some great vocals on the title-track. How did he came in the picture?
Dirk is one of my personal best friends, and is also our driver and merch-guy. Dirk’s vocals are extremely powerfull, loud and dark. I knew he’d love to do a part on the album, and so we went to the studio. He only needed one take to bark his lines into the mic and te result is super! The contrast between our vocals is something we might do again on the next album.

 Besides playing rockstar in a death metal band , what else keeps you busy in life?
Oh we’re such rockstars.. hahaha. Besides the band we have a mutual love for gaming. We love to get together once in a while and play Fifa and bash each others brains in. And of course we have regular jobs, which consume the most of our time. We can enjoy a good football match also.

Death metal seems to going a bit stronger again nowadays. Can you guys notice that the scene is gaining a bit of popularity ?
I don’t think there was ever an absence of death metal scene. Only evolutions within the genre, like the deathcore hype. The death metal scene is alive and kicking, you can see that on the number of people who show up at gigs and festivals. The downside is that it’s hard for a band to make any money on album sales, and touring costs more money then it brings up. Might have something to do with the fact that people prefer downloading albums instead of buying them.

What is the next milestone you  wish to achieve with Bodyfarm?
We’d love to play the big summer festivals next year, or in 2015. I don’t know if that’s a milestone, but it sure would feel like one. And of course we will record a new album at some point. Probably somewhere in 2015.

Besides being on the road promoting The Coming Scourge, what else is down the pipeline for the band?
Being on the road even more! Haha. We can’t tell really. We’ll keep on playing gigs ‘cause that’s what we do best and like the most. And we’ll start writing new material early next year.

 This is about it.  Is there something you wish to share with our readers?
Thanks for the interview. To your readers: Come hang out with us at a show and have some beers!


Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan

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