Interview with Toschie from Audrey Horne

Our overseas reporter Regina enjoyed the new Audrey Horne record “Pure Heavy” quite a bit. When she got asked to write down some question for Toschie. She did not hesitate and put down a few for the talented  vocalist. The outcome you read below!


Congratulations on “Pure Heavy”, it is a fantastic album that rejuvenated this old rocker. How is it being received so far?

Thank you very much. It has been received really good. Great reviews, and an absolutely amazing feedback from our audience, so we are very pleased.

IMG_3591‘ Out of the City’ has a strong Thin Lizzy vibe, did you get to visit Phil Lynott’s statue when you were in Dublin last year?
Off course we did. (See pic attached). we are huge Lizzy fans and we did a version of “Are you ready” when we did the show there last time

Can you tell us a bit more about your writing process? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
We used to write separately. Me and Ice Dale wrote together at his place, and me and Thomas at his place. But we were not satisfied with this solution, we wanted everyone to be part of this process, so when we started writing for Youngblood we went into our rehearsing studio all five of us and wrote every song together there. We did the same with this album. This gives the music a more live friendly touch, and everyone feels more an “ownership” to each song. we get our inspiration from music outside the band, other bands and artists. But also from each other. we are quite good at feeding on each others energy and ideas.

What do you remember the most about recording ” Pure Heavy”?
The best part was the positive energy and atmosphere. When we sat down and talked about the album and its production in advance of the session together with our producers: Duperman (Jörgen Traeen) and The Sunking (Iver Sandöy) they said :”With this kind of music we need a fun based recording session. There is no way we can be too serious except when it comes to getting a great result”

So we laughed a lot and had a really good time doing this album, and I hope this shines through on the final result.

You are all involved in different bands, Sahg, Enslaved to name but two.. How do you manage to do it all and still have some down time?
Well, we are in different bands but this is ok as long as we plan ahead, and make sure we have our priorities right. We have played together for 12 years now while being in several bands, so if we have made it this far I guess we are ok. Mind you, if Audrey grew to a point where this would not be possible, we would have to make a decision then.

What do you like to do when you are not touring, recording and writing?
We do different stuff. I like to express myself through visual art like tattooing, drawing and painting. And we hang out together a lot on our spear time too. We have dinner parties together and go out for drinks. Thomas is an outdoors man, and some of us are familymen.

21578Have any new bands caught your attention lately, if so, who and what is it about them that you like?
There are so many good bands out there right now, and it really proves Gene Simmons dead wrong when he said rock was dead. He just needs to get out there more I guess. They are creative and have so much good energy. To name a few: Lonely the brave, Young and in the way, Lower than Atlantis, Bad city…

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
To keep the creative spirit alive through a time when the band was in a bad shape. We struggled with our label, guys where quoting the band and things we were promised never happened. But we got back up, and have become a much better band since then. This was after our first album “No hay banda”

After that we decided that we either had to call it the day, or go into studio and make a new album with two members short. We made “Le Fol”

What are you favourite and least favourite things about touring?
The best part is the shows. Playing live, the energy and atmosphere, and to get out and meet our audience.
Also the comradeship that evolves between people on the bus. It is quite unique.
The downside of touring is all the waiting, and believe me: there is enough of that.

Do you have any tour plans confirmed yet for 2015 and can we hope to see you play Ireland again?
We have not confirmed anything for 2015, except summer festivals, but we are working on it, and we would love to come back and play in Ireland, and have some more of your beer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Please insert any tour dates or any other relevant information you would like to get out to your fans, here…

Check out our new album “Pure Heavy”, and go to for future live dates. Hopefully we will be back soon.

Interview taken by Regina Mitchell


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