Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology – Indie Recordings – Release: Out Now

Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology – Indie Recordings – Release: Out Now.

It’s been a few years since “Dragon Iconography” and we had quite a bombshell in the years between with the sudden departure of Thebon around the time when the EP “Introspection” was released. Fans have awaited the new album eagerly to see if their precious band still has what it takes.

Keep of Kalessin is:
Obsidian C. – Vocals & Guitars
Wizziac – Bass & Backing Vocals
Vyl – Drums

download (11)I was a bit apprehensive when “The Spiritual Belief” hit. While it had a lot of power, its parts did tend to continue for just a tad too long. And the choirs just sounded somewhat off-key for me. At first I thought it be due to the departure of Thebon that Obsidian C. refrained from singing too much, yet luckily the rest of the songs proved me wrong. It was a ballsy move to open up the album with quite a different type of song, yet the band has never taken too much of an easy road.

Luckily from there on I enjoy the album a truckload more. “Dark Divinity” for example could’ve easily stood on Armada. And here you can hear that Obsidian C. really shines as a vocalist, but then again fans already knew he could sing pretty damn well. Nothing at all against Thebon of course, but luckily the loss is softened a lot by Obsidian C.’s vocal strength. I enjoy the choirs a lot more on the rest of the album as well, because they are used more sparingly, supporting rather than a main role.

Wizziac and especially Vyl are setting some excellent speed records on this album, with Vyl often firing like a machinegun and while that last bit does get overused a lot I do have to say it rings true for some of the drum parts.
And like the last album had “Dragontower” this one has a nice catchy tune as well with “Necropolis”, yet it’s still quite a long song, clocking in at over seven minutes. Follow-up “Universal Core” ups the speed ante by doing it in half that time, making it the shortest song, bar the intro.
Fans are already well-acquainted with “Introspection” when it was released last year, so I’ll just move on to the biggest treat of the album “Epistemology”. What a monumental and bombastic track! There’s so much melody in it and it works perfectly as a closing song with a long and heavily melodic part to slowly fade to black.

It’s pretty clear that Keep of Kalessin as back in full strength and that fans have nothing to worry about. While the first track might be slightly off-putting at first this is most certainly one of their best albums yet!

Track list:

  1. Cosmic Revelation
  2. The Spiritual Relief
  3. Dark Divinity
  4. The Grand Design
  5. Necropolis
  6. Universal Core
  7. Introspection
  8. Epistemology

Score: 4.6 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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