Killing Cult Society – Fallout – Self-released – Release: Out Now

Killing Cult Society – Fallout – Self-released – Release: Out Now.

11879294_967135859974196_3305223914391628310_oSinger Earik is friendly enough to introduce the first track to the listener: “Sharks!” erupts as a punk-death metal ball of fast-paced energy and Earik lays down the catchy chorus.
The production is pretty down to earth and devoid of all the fancy high price equipment, but it sure does the job. The band has no qualms about showing its influences and although I’m not too deep into most I sure do recognise a healthy helping of Sepultura’s “Chaos A.D.” in there, especially on a song like “Geiger”. And this album is filled with addictive grooves like that one!
The band isn’t afraid for going out of bounds, because these folks dare to change things up. Just take the Nine Inch Nails-like “Overdrive” which was used as a very early teaser as well, or “Note to Self” down the end of the line.
One song that surprised me most was “Frozen” which is actually a cover of pretty much the only Madonna song that I like. However, Killing Cult Society spiced things up a bit with the help of Peggy Meeussen from Bliksem who shows off a more emotional side of her voice as well as some great wailing.
The songs for this album will make for some great live shows and I reckon songs like “Homerun” and “Clear My Throat” will make for some great mosh dancing like Napalm Death excels at.
All in all this album is a very clear and heartfelt love letter to the influences of the band and if you’d like to see a total madman on stage you really should check out KCS whenever you have the chance!

Score: 3,9 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic