KISS – The Dead Daisies – Ziggodome Amsterdam, 18-06-2015 + videointerview

KISS – The Dead Daisies – Ziggodome Amsterdam, 18-06-2015

Today I went to Amsterdam early. Tonight in the ZiggoDome the mighty warriors of rock ‘n’ roll KISS will hit the stage celebrating their 40th anniversary! Of course Kiss won’t be the only ones hitting the crowd with some stellar songs and performance. The reason I am early is to have a little chat with Marco and John from the “newcomers “ The Dead Daisies. You can see the result with these great dudes here :

The band talks a lot about the fun and chemistry and that’s exactly what the Ziggodome gets. Without any use of gimmicks like KISS these boys brings us nice 70ties/80ties rock. They teach the crowd rock isn’t dead yet.

The Dead Daisies - ZiggoDome Amsterdam 2015With stars coming from bands like Motley Crüe and Guns you know there is some talent on stage. Dizzy and Fortus of course know each other from performing with Guns N’ Roses and that is noticeable. They find each other a lot on stage and perfectly combine their playing together.

The Dead Daisies - ZiggoDome Amsterdam 2015Mendoza has lost nothing of his macho image. And with his rock poses shows not only Gene Simmons is the good performer on bass tonight.

The Dead Daisies - ZiggoDome Amsterdam 2015David Lowy takes a bit of a step back in my perception and lets the fire shine more for frontman Corabi. John of course is well known for his Motley Crüe years and still owns the stage like a youngster! His powerful vocals easily fit the stellar cover of “Hush!” This song makes the audience dance their feet off.

Dizzy could not have wished himself a better birthday.

The Dead Daisies will be back this fall with Whitesnake and that will definitely be a show I will attend.

Headliner Kiss is one of the biggest acts of the world. This circus has been going strong for 40 years and their live show is one of the best rock shows out there. Tonight it isn’t different. Unlike the previous artist on this stage Kiss’ show is full trickery and gimmicks of course.

Is this all that keeps the show rocking? Even though the show elements stay a bit of the same, the music keeps it tight. Tonight Paul does not miss a lot of notes. His speaking voice sounds rough and weakened though. His singing voice is spot on most of the time. That the show stays the same a lot is very noticeable when the Kiss Army knows exactly what Paul is going to say. Gene still flies to his platform above the audience and of course his blood capsule moment still is one of the highlights of the night.

Thnx to Vriesdich for filming this.

Paul flies by and lands on the platform at the soundboard again. It’s all looking very cool. The rockers are getting on a bit in age, but they still rock harder than many other acts these days.  It looks like it’s easy to say Kiss did not change much in their set. But that is their strength and the Kiss Army went towards home fulfilled.

Photos and text by Ronald van de Baan


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