Kontinuum – Kyrr – Candlelight Records – Release: April 20th 2015

Kontinuum – Kyrr – Candlelight Records – Release: April 20th 2015.

Iceland is quite a treasure cove for lovers of highly atmospheric metal and rock; must be something in the air there. Or food. Anyway, with the already very impressive debut album “Earth Blood Magic” Kontinuum already created a good foundation to be at the forefront of atmospheric and hypnotic music. Maybe their upcoming sophomore album “Kyrr” will finally get them through to the upper echelons!

Kontinuum is:
Birgir Thorgeirsson – Vocals & Guitars
Engilbert Hauksson – Bass
Ingi Þór Pálsson – Guitars
Thorlakur Thor Gudmundsson – Guitars

495201The things you will immediately notice is that the production has become a lot better and the sound has become less raw than on “Earth Blood Magic”, making it a lot more accessible. Yet it would be a big mistake as to disregard it as soft and uninteresting because of the aforementioned reasons. “Kyrr” is an album with many gems, which might take you a few spins to fully grasp.

Walking a thin line between dreamy post rock and post metal this album lures you in with dreamy sounds and hypnotising vocals reminding me of a heavier version of Duran Duran or Pet Shop Boys on album opener “Breathe”.
And it’s that dreamlike state that continues on throughout the whole album, making it a perfect album to listen to during a relaxing ride, yet at the same time there are enough layers to the songs to keep it interesting enough to just sit down to and have a good listening session.
As someone who has no grasp of the Icelandic language whatsoever I have to say that this beautiful language certainly enhances the dreamlike atmosphere that the album radiates.

It’s because of this that I appreciate the natively sung songs like “Undir Punnu Skinni” the most, whereas a song like “In Shallow Seas” is more of a good rocker, although it is one of the heaviest songs on the album as well.
And where throughout the whole album you will hear the band rock out it isn’t until album closer “Red Stream” that they really reach a crescendo in terms of sheer musical energy, right before the album suddenly finishes.
And that’s the exact moment when you will hit the repeat button.

I can definitely recommend this album to lovers of atmospheric and slightly melancholic music with a bit of an edge to it. Often dreamlike, but always taking you along for a ride “Kyrr” is one of my personal highlights of the beginning of 2015.

Track list:

  1. Breathe
  2. Í Huldusal
  3. Hliðargötu Heimsveldi
  4. Kyrr
  5. Undir Þunnu Skinni
  6. Lone
  7. In Shallow Seas
  8. Red Stream

Score: 4.6 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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