Interview with Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul

Interview with Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul.

Op 1 april staat Warrior Soul op het podium van Schaaf City-Theater in Leeuwarden. “Big Bad Wolf” Tamme Oosterhof, de platenboer van het Noorden, benaderde mij voor een interview met rocklegende Kory Clarke. Uiteraard slaan we zo een aanbod niet af. Lees hieronder het interview met deze sympathieke rocker.


Hi Kory, first let me congratulate you with 25 years of Warrior Soul.
How is the road so far?
“It’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been all around. It’s been embraced and misunderstood but now I think everyone’s starting to realize the quality of the music and the message.”

The latest release called “Payback’s A Bitch'” got a softer approach then we are used from Warrior Soul. What made you decide to go for this sound?
“My records are quite varied, sometimes they’re more experimental, sometimes they’re heavier and sometimes they have a softer side to them, but they all encompass the same elements; starting with me. I wanted also to reach out to a larger audience.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the new record?
“It was done in Porto, Portugal with Andre Indiana. Miguel Martins, Monica Ferraz and a lot of the top session guys in Portugal. It took four months and I do have alternate mixes that I may put out again this year as well.
Miguel Martins will be playing again with me in Italy in April for that part of the Tour and Spain.”

Warrior Soul is well known for its fighter/political spirit, have you always been activist/political minded and did it gave you sometimes trouble to have certain statements?
“I am not an activist per se, I am a critic of greed and despotism and I can read between the lines when seeing propaganda and I think everybody should speak their mind when they feel and know that they’re being screwed. I had some real conflicts with the audience in an improvisational section of the set that I was doing in NYC when I said ‘Fuck Bush’. The rest you can imagine.”

Of course we also know you as front man for the act Trouble. How do you look back at the year’s spending with them?
“It was great to sing for them. They really are a bluesy band and I like that very much.”

You achieved already a lot with Warrior Soul, What is something you really still would love to achieve with the band?
“I want to achieve continued success writing new material that is progressive and meaningful as all my albums have been. We’re working on a new album right now. Hopefully it will be out this year. I want to do more festivals and expose our music to more people who have never heard of Warrior Soul before.”

KoryClarke_cover_300dpi_grandeThere is a new album and you guys hit the road again, what else is in the pipeline for the band?
“Payback’s A Bitch is a new solo album from 2015, but we want to do a new Warrior Soul album that comes out this year, though I also have another couple side projects I am working on too besides my paintings. They are taking more and more of my attention as I have an Art exhibition is Sweden and in Italy this year and as well as personal custom orders which have increased.”

You guys will play April fool’s day at de Schaaf City Theater in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. I saw you several times before hitting the stage in the Netherlands. How is your connection with the Dutch crowd?
“From what I remember it was always a great response so I would expect the same this time. I think I’m a better performer and I have a serious band with me as always so I hope the audience really gets into the songs and sing a long these real rock ‘n roll anthems with me and rock the fuck out. We have two great bands with us as well from Sweden, Jesus Chrusler Supercar and Leave Scars out of Belgium. Both bands are really strong and fresh. We also have Buzz Rockington opening for us at Musicon in Den Haag as special guests.”

You started playing the drums early in your career, what made you decide to go fronting instead?
“I just thought I had gone as far as I could with drums unless I really spent more time practicing and I was already singing in my last project in Detroit from behind the drums so it was a natural step forward, I needed to be a front person. It is a trajectory of many rock singers.”

And do you miss hitting the drums?
“I miss hitting anything!! Lol. Nah, I still play on the albums at least a couple songs and I always am ready to do a new project with me on drums for sure.”

“Looking forward to doing these shows in The Netherlands it has been a while.
GET HIGH GET WASTED!! Cheers!! See Ya.”

Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan

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