Legion of the damned introduces today session guitarplayer Hein Willekens, who will be joining Legion of the damned as part of their team. This is another big step for the band since the discussion of having an extra guitarplayer on stage has been an issue for years as Maurice explains: “Ever since we started as Legion of the damned with the 4 of us we felt this was the best way to continue our journey. Now and then we got comments that Legion of the damned could be more powerful live with an extra guitar, but our bond was so strong that we truely believed that when another person would enter the band, the band would eventually collapse and that no one would fit in perfectly”

Also former guitarplayer Richard Ebisch, who left the band not so long ago, was strongly against bringing an extra person into the band.

“Bringing this topic up in the band sometimes resulted in heavy discussions with our management as well as in the band itself, because opinions changed” Maurice adds.

After the departure of Richard and having Twan van Geel as lead guitarist for over more than a year, the band more and more thought of the idea and discussed this furthermore internally. After numerous meetings the band decided it was time to take the step. Hein seems the perfect guy as Harold continues: “I am glad we found in “Hein” our 2nd session guitarplayer for our upcoming shows. Hein nailed the audition sessions, and we think he is the right guy to share the stage with.”



Also recently joined guitarplayer Twan van Geel, who has a satisfied smile on his face is very thrilled: After years with just one guitarplayer we felt it was time to extend. The use of a second guitarplayer shall bring more audial hell on stage and more exiting options in song writing.” after the band published an add on both Facebook and their official website Hein thought he would take a shot: “I saw the add on Facebook and thought to myself: should I apply? I would give it a shot but never thought I would be chosen! Maurice laughs: “Thats how unpredictable life can be, right?” , “We only wanted people to apply who were living in a reasonable distance, this truly made the chance of finding the perfect guy smaller and smaller of course”, giving Hein its last words and asking him if he is happy with him being part of Legion of the damned he proudly comments: “If one would ask me: What would you like to do most? For me, it would be an easy answer: Playing guitar like a madman and destroy every stage I’m playing on. I’m very proud, grateful and excited to announce that Legion of the damned is giving me the opportunity to join them as their 2nd live guitarist, and do exactly that! This is a big once in a lifetime chance for me and I can’t wait to hit the road with these guys. Let’s crank up the volume and kick some major ass!” 

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