Legion of the Damned – Ravenous Plague – Napalm Records – Out Now

Legion of the Damned – Ravenous Plague – Napalm Records – Out Now

By now it’s been pretty well-documented how Legion of the Damned used to be known as Occult, one of the prime Dutch Death/Thrash metal bands. And since the name change, or rather rebirth, in 2004 they have only enforced their position, even gaining them a lot more attention across the border. Since their reincarnation they have been releasing albums at a steady pace, each of very high quality. Unfortunately the band got into some difficult times after the release of their previous record “Descent Into Chaos”. Luckily they are back to show that they will make you ears bleed like ever before.

Legion of the Damned is:
Maurice Swinkels – Vocals
Twan van Geel – Guitars
Harold Gielen – Bass
Erik Fleuren – Drums

Ravenous Plague

legionAfter an intro that seems to have come directly from an adventure movie Legion dive headfirst into the fray with “Howling for Armageddon”, a fast-paced death-thrasher that’s sure to be a great live-song. I can already imagine people screaming along with the chorus, though few will be able to come close to Maurice’s vocals which have a good raspy and rabid sound. The string assaulters Twan and Harold set a nice pace for you to really strain those neck muscles and Erik’s drums are striking fast like a viper. And despite the fury portrayed in that opening track they manage to set an even faster pace with “Black baron”, which at times feels more akin to some old school black metal. The album doesn’t really slow down until the aptly named “Doom Priest” and the slightly faster “Summon All Hate” which are nice slow ‘bangers, although Legion do pick up the speed, because they seem to be unable to keep it slow for too long. Clearly they’re trying to make up for the lost time with the top-speed song “Morbid Death”. After getting that out of their system we get the mid-tempo thrasher “Bury Me in a Nameless Grave” which soon gains speed and doesn’t slow down ‘till the end. The album started with “The Apocalyptic Surge” and with “Strike of the Apocalypse” the album ends on a slow note. Well, I did say that the Legion are unable to keep it slow because this song makes sure that the album ends with a fast and apocalyptic ending.

The sound of the band hasn’t really changed a bit since the previous work, but does it need too? Maybe it does, but at the same time the execution is so well done that I can’t really care too much about originality. This kind of music has been Legion of the Damned’s bread and butter for so many years that they have perfected their skills and they will blow you away with their newest offering.

Track list:

  1. The Apocalyptic Surge
  2. Howling for Armageddon
  3. Black Baron
  4. Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon
  5. Ravenous Abominations
  6. Doom Priest
  7. Summon all Hate
  8. Morbid Death
  9. Bury Me in a Nameless Grave
  10. Armalite Assassin
  11. Strike of the Apocalypse

Score: 4 out of 5


By Robert Popovic


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