Live-Report: Distortion Fest 2013

Today the roadtrip goes to Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Together  with Ernst, Bert ( Metalshots) and Melanie we hit the road early down south. Today there is a killer line-up at the Distort Fest 2013 edition. With names on the bill like Hypocrisy, Dying Fetus,  Death to All and My Dying Bride you know this will be a great day for us bangers.

Distortion Fest 2013 - Klokgebouw EindhovenDue to some delay at the box office we missed out on the first act. Shame though, cause I looked forward to see Prematory perform. Ah well shite happens and now with Darkrise hitting the stage, we finally can enjoy some good music. The guys don’t have an easy task to fulfill. With the venue still quite empty the people are not yet warmed up. Nonetheless they bring us a decent set full nice brutal death metal songs. Perhaps not the best act today, but sure entertaining enough for us to start this day with!


Distortion 2013Up next it’s time for Obscura. They start with quite a bad sound. But luckily the  soundguy got his act together very fast and soon we can enjoy the death metal vibes of the mighty Obscura. Nice brutal riffs with a touch of melody get boosted out the speakers. If the audience weren’t awake yet, Obscura woke them hard! Great gig of nice band.

We keep on running, after taking a quick look at Angelus Apatrida we decide to run back to the Hell Stage. The Dynamo Stage where Angelus Apatrida perform today caught some delay and sadly did not got catched up. Which made us miss some fine acts. But with the two bigger stage with great acts all day, we are more then happy to be on Distortion to witness some good bands and have some quality social time!

Distortion 2013We ran back to the Hell Stage to witness a killer performance of Dying Fetus. They brought us a brutal set and damn what a great band. Good song choice from their killer discography. Not a single moment of boredom. The sound was superb and band and audience nicely connected with each other.  More of these performances please! Dying Fetus sure was one of the better acts out here today!

Hypocrisy - Distortion Fest 2013 -  Klokgebouw EindhovenOn the Skull Stage we got some nice bands performing too. It’s time for Hypocrisy to put on a great show. Peter Tattgren does a mighty good job in the death metal scene. With doing work for bands such as Children of Bodom and many others you ‘re safe to say he is one of the pioneers and leading figures of death metal. The last time I saw them was at Romein and sadly that time the sound ruined the performance that night. Luckily tonight there are no such problems and we are set for a death metal rollercoaster. They deliver us some great songs from their latest record, mixed with classics such as “Fire in the Sky“. The band is doing some massive touring and I am happy to see this did not tired them out. With much passion they own the stage!

Distortion 2013Loads of death metal today and that’s the way I love it. Next on the Hell Stage is Heaven Shall Burn. Must anticipated crowd is to be found in front of the stage. I’m not that fond of Heaven Shall Burn. But hey they brought the people what they wanted. A good show with some tight musicianship. The songs doesn’t really bother me or make me want to bang my head. But sure it’s a nice band to cool down a bit with while enjoying a good drink.


Distortion 2013The black metal lovers are in for a good treat as well. Satyricon is next on the Skull Stage. These Norwegians delivered a new album this year. To be honest for me that album was a bit of a letdown. Live the songs easily fit the set. The lightshow is very great and the band really is on a roll. I found them less magical then last time I saw them at Into the Grave.  But easily they are one of the better acts of the day. They got a nice crowd response. The line–up so far is beyond great and Distortion appears to be one of the better festivals I attended this year.

Distortion 2013Now we got a strange choice from the programmer on the stage. Between all the death / black and doom bands, Papa Roach is a weird choice.  Their poppy core  I think would have been a better fit for Speedfest a day earlier in the same venue. Nonetheless even tho they bored me to hell, they sure got a tight show. The people who have come for Papa Roach will have be not amused I think with all the harder metal–acts tonight. Luckily we love the harder acts more. We can’t  like every band. The band does a good show, sound is good . The stage presence is good. To bad they make shitty music. But that’s all a matter of taste.  Time for a dinner break 😉

Distortion Fest 2013 - Klokgebouw EindhovenEvery metalhead knows Death. Every metalhead still griefs about the early loss of their frontman Chuck Schuldiner. Thank god now there is Death To All.  It’s THE tribute of the legends metal–act Death. With former members in the line-up, the music is tight ass and I almost become sentimental hearing the classics blast from the speakers. One big minor though is that without Chuck it lost some of the magic. Still  closer to Death we will never get. Great show and great sentiment. Love DEATH!



My Dying Bride - Distortion Fest - Klokgebouw EindhovenQuick to the other side where the last act of tonight on the Hell Stage is about to hit the stage. Exactly at ten o’clock My Dying Bride hit the stage. Damn this band sure knows how to kick ass. Straight from the opener they poor the audience in misery. We get set for a ride through the discography of the band. Which of course is full of great classics. They pick quite a few from “Turn loose the Swans“. Perhaps one of the best doom records ever made. Oh I love the gloomy romantic setting. Aaron is being apathic as hell again. His stage performance still is very enjoyable to watch! They got a great use of the lights. The sound is a bit loud at sometimes. Which make the vocals a bit to harsh. But for most of the times the sound is more then okay to me. My Dying Bride is a nice closer for us at Distortion Fest.

It’s was a nice day here at  Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Sure it could be a bit crowdier. But the audience who attended have seen some good acts and got worth of their money. Till next year!

Text Ronald van de Baan
Photo’s Ernst van Rossum en Ronald van de Baan

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