Enforcer – Angel Witch – Grand Magus     February 17th 2013 Baroeg Rotterdam

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! Baroeg Rotterdam was once more the stage to house three awesome bands! It was my first time seeing and hearing these bands play live which made me very eager and impatient until the show kicked off. Beforehand we had the opportunity to interview Enforcer’s vocalist Olof Wikstrand, which you can read in a separate article on this website.

Enforcer was the first to fill the hall with their thrashy music. Like the youngsters they are, the whole band were jumping up and down and across the small stage. Using whatever they could to get the best out of their fans. And it worked! From the second song on, the hall was almost filled to its capacity, they were banging their heads.  Songs like ‘Get Me Out of This Nightmare’ and ‘Bells of Hades’, from their brand new album ‘Death by Fire’, passed the revue. After 45 minutes they had sung their songs and it was time to wait for the second band to play.

Soon after the change of instruments heavy metal band Angel Witch took the stage. Coming from the UK they provided the fans with a totally different sound. Pitch perfect solo’s and different kinds of effects were frequently heard throughout the concert. And, despite the change of style, the crowd still loved it. By the time Angel Witch played ‘Baptisement’, they had the fans banging their heads to the maximum. Kevin Heybourne’s rough vocals really makes the band unique, combined with the clean riffs of Bill Steer, it really was awesome to see them perform.

The last band of this day was Grand Magus. Short men with big beards stepped onto the stage and began playing. There were just three of them but the music they blasted out of the speakers was high class. The guitars were clean, the rhythm was somewhat slower than the previous bands and the vocals were awesome. Janne Christoffersson managed to reach vocal heights an average woman can’t keep up with. Altogether they put down a great show, with numerous of catchy songs to bang your heads to and with ‘Hammer of The North’ they concluded their setlist.

Once again it was an awesome night with lots of fun and energy, good spirited people and of course, three awesome bands who did their job well!!

Review by Imke van Rossum
Photo’s by Ernst van Rossum


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