After hearing Mael Mórdha’s new album ” Damned When Dead” I was like a child at xmas waiting for this gig to come around. I couldn’t wait to see these guys live again and playing in my hometown was the icing on the cake. Finally the day of the gig dawned and off I trotted to Kelly’s which is a great little venue in Galway. On entering the premises I was greeted by Dave Murphy Male Mórdha’s awesome bassist and a lovely guy, who after hugging me, held the door open for me…Oh be still my beating heart, the age of chivalry isn’t dead yet lol… we had a quick chat and he advised me to catch Corr Mhóna, a Cork based metal band who was supporting Mael Mórdha, Dave thought I would like them. After quenching my thirst at the bar I went upstairs to the venue. I was a bit disappointed at the turn out but it was early yet and there was still time for the metalheads to emerge and make their presence known. I found a nice little spot and made myself comfortable whilst waiting for Corr Mhóna to take to the stage.


 Martin Farrow: Guitar, Vocals
Stephen Quinn: Bass, Vocals
Paul Quinn: Guitar, Vocals
Robert Farrow: Drums

_MG_5853Corr Mhóna were formed in West Cork 2009 by two sets of brothers and have released an EP 2010 called ” Corrguineacht”. They are currently heading into studio to record their next EP ” Dair”. Their music has been described as a perfect blend of Death/ Doom Metal with elements of Thrash and their lyrics are entirely in the Irish language. I had never heard of them before so was eagerly anticipating their set and Man was I not disappointed, these guys are savage live!

They opened with a short instrumental called ” Caol” which lead perfectly in to the opening number ” Tintreach”, half way through the song I was banging my head which is a rare occurrence for me seeing as I never heard their music before and I wasn’t the only one, the place had begun to fill up and everyone was really getting into the music this band creates, they make it imposible for you to stay still..!

Next up was ” Dall” which is from their new EP and my neck was already beginning to get off I went to the merch stand and treated myself to their old EP and a shirt for a bargain price of 12 euro… I also got the hubby a shirt and I have to say the two girls who were selling the merchandise deserve a mention as they were the loveliest and most helpful merch sellers I have ever encountered.

I returned just in time for the 8 minute epic tune that is ” An Slua Sidhe” and they finished up with ” Tóirneach”. Fantastic band and I urge you all to check them out on Facebook and their debut EP is available for FREE download on Bandcamp.

  1. Caol
  2. Tintreach
  3. Dall
  4. An Slua Sidhe
  5. Tóirneach


Roibéard O Bogail: Vocals, Piano, Tin Whistles

Gerry Clince: Guitars

Dave Murphy: Bass

Shane Cahill: Drums

_MG_5892 (1)After another quick trip to the merch stall and treating myself to their new album, Mael Mórdha hit the stage. Roibéard ó Bogail called us all to arms with his long horn and we were off.. First song was ” Doom of the Races of Eire” followed by ” Curse of the Bard”. Fists were pumping, hair was flying, everyone was singing along. The energy flowing from the band to the crowd and back again was not only tangible but extremely intense. I was loving it, then I heard the opening strains of ” Bloody Alice” and I was in ecstasy! All thoughts of journalistic professionalism went out the window along with my lady like ways!! I was up on the stool, singing my head off with my little fist waving in the air and thumping the odd person who had the misfortune to get in its way the last bars faded out the crowd erupted, Bloody Alice went down a bloody treat live.

Cluain Tarbh followed and the mosh pit resembled a merging of Irish ceili dances The Walls of Limerick and The Siege of Ennis (If you have never seen these dances, try youtube or imagine Riverdance being done by a crowd of metalheads in boots, pure savagery and is a sight to behold lol). The night ended with the title track of their new album ” Damned When Dead” and the place exploded once more. The banter between the band and the fans was just brilliant, the whole night was a massive success and I can’t wait to see these guys live again. I would ask Roibéard if he could kindly fix the hole in his leather pants as the piece of red material that was sticking out from time to time was a tad distracting haha. If you get a chance to see this band live then go see them, experience the raw power that they exude for yourselves and I guarantee you will leave that gig wanting to find a horse and a sword and go into battle.. Yes, they are that good!


  1. Doom of the Races of Eire
  2. Curse of the Bard
  3. Winds of 1000 Winters
  4.  Bloody Alice
  5.  Cluin Tarbh
  6.  A Window of Madness
  7. All Eire Will Quake
  8. Pauper of Souls
  9. Damned When Dead


Text Regina Mitchell 
Photo © Martin Delaney

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