Today it’s a great day for the bible belt village Rijssen. On this Sunday there will two great packages on stage in Lucky Rijssen. Today it will be the debut of Hard & Heavy. This is coming from the same promoters who made Elsrock. So we know it will be a great day with bands like Izegrim, Cripper, Immolation, Marduk and last but not leastUKthrashers Onslaught.

But first we have to sit through some really loud acts. And with loud I mean the volume. It all starts with opener Forsaken World.  The audience get treated on a massive wall of sound. Who unfortunately is so loud people leave to the hallway. Metal is supposed to be played loud, but this was quite insane! The band itself did a decent job with blasting their black metal. They had the whole package. Corpse paint,  blast beats and a nice sphere in lights.

Then one minor detail I just have to mention is the disappointment when I orderd a drink at the bar.  The price 2 euro for a drink that wasn’t a problem. But almost cut down the size of the glass in half was a bit of a downer and a complaint  I heard that throughout the whole day. Perhaps for the next edition of Hard & Heavy get the public some normal size glasses!

Dead Beyond Buried  we missed out because it was time to interview Nige and Sy. What I heard later was that the guys where a decent act!

When De Profundis started it was a relief to notice that the soundlevel was finally good. Great death metal was blasted with technical precision out of the speakers. The acts were getting really better when the day sets along.

Now it’s  time for the first band of the Full Force package.

Britta and the boys from Gripper are on good pace here in Rijssen. The vocals are killer from this lovely lady and the band is tight as hell. The response is decent. To bad the audience did not moshed for them. They really deserved it.

Izegrim doing a gig on their own soil,  kicked in hard with their catchy thrash riffs.  The  band is in advantage with the home crowd and is the first to get the crowd moshing all over the floor. Of course not only for being well known here inHolland, the crowd is loving it. Killer  tracks and the good shape of the band will get every crowd going. Great gig from a killer band.

Now we go back to the Marduk package and it’s time for Immolation to blast the audience away. Immolation the first “big” band on the bill today did plays tight, but they play on a very routine base. The songs of course still are nice to hear and bang on. But it seems the band was in lesser shape then other times I saw them. It doesn’t make it a bad show I just know they could  do a little better then they showed here

Then the act where I came for this day.  Don’t know why they aren’t headlining. ButUK  thrash legends Onslaught are here to thrash the fuck out of the crowd. The audience is, like often inHolland, a bit on the shy side the first two songs. But when the first pit kicked in the crowd is getting along more and more. The public get treated on songs out the whole discography. “Killing Peace“, “The Force“, “Sounds of Violence“ and of course “Power From Hell“ are all included.  Nige being the typical dark thrasher and Sy being the powerful frontman are making a great show. Jeff is pumping up the public with loads of roars against them. What a beast on stage he is.  The replacement for Andy, Leigh is doing an terrific job. And that this tour made some great friends  is noticed when openers Cripper and Izegrim come on stage in 80’s clothes to surprise the hell out of the band.  Great show who definitely deserved to be the headliner this night.

Marduk is of course not a bad band. They released a killer album this year and live they do a great job. Of course tonight it isn’t different. Great sounds, great lights. Only shame they could not top the previous show.

The first edition was a more then decent day. And it was great to meet up with some great people. I am looking forward till Hard & Heavy part two kicks in!

Text and Photo’s Ronald van de Baan


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