Lucifer’s Fall – Lucifer’s Fall – Hammerheart Records – Out now

Lucifer’s Fall – Lucifer’s Fall –  Hammerheart Records – Out now.

a0848907224_10If you like Saint Ivus, well you will surely like the Aussie doomers  Lucifer’s Fall. Doom the old-fashioned way is what they bring us. At times very melancholic, at other times they find some upbeat parts, which are more solid rock.
Even though they have that typical seventies old school doom sound, don’t mistake them for the retro rock acts popping out little bunny babies lately. No, these chaps bring us real genuine traditional doom. The vocals aren’t the best thing on this record, but the tight musicianship really put that minor to nothing. People might say it’s a bit repetitive … well come on, we are talking about doom. Even though the stuff ain’t too original it’s played tight and that’s something which saves this record. I enjoyed every sec. of the 44 minutes these doomsters brought us. Sure the band needs some tweaking and a bit of an own stamp on their sound. But they have something which I like and I am looking forward to their next effort.

Score: 3,3 out of 5


Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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