Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind AFM Records-signed IRON MASK; he is also the mastermind of power symphonic metal band MAGIC KINGDOM. After successfully launching the band in 1998 and releasing the debut album “The Arrival” just a year later, Magic Kingdom had to deal with several setbacks, so it took five years until the second album “Metallic Tragedy” was released. 2010 saw the band release their third album “Symphony Of War”. Now, five years later they strike back with this “Savage Requiem” album.

Magic Kingdom is:

Christian Palin – Vocals
Dushan Petrossi – Guitars
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Michael Brush – Drums


1000x1000The intro “In Umbra Mea” confirms that we’re in for a neoclassical journey! “Guardian Angels” treats us with orchestration and galloping riffs from the start. These are chased away by melodic riffage (with a folky touch) and powerful drums. But a pleasant surprise is the vocal performance from Christian Palin (ex-Adagio). A perfect match if you ask me! The middle section with the ‘old’ sounding keys (and orchestration) and the heavenly guitar play by Dushan (he hasn’t lost his touch) is a real treat for lovers of the genre.

“Rivals Forever” is a completely different ballgame. This supersonic track is an instant like with a shreddelicious Dushan, pounding drums and a superb Christian. A song that never bores! Guitar lovers will feast on this meal.

The rather calm start of “Full Moon Sacrifice” makes you believe a ballad is coming. But when a raw riff and Christian’s voice kick in that romantic bubble bursts. The track goes on as a slower paced ‘darker adventure’!

“Ship of Ghosts” is picked out of a bucket filled with happy power metal! Dushan adds his personal style, but early Helloween influences pop up several times.

The title track is a mid-tempo song where the orchestral arrangements are very present. Mr. Palin shows his wide vocal range again!

We shift into high gear again during “Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands”. Dushan’s playing is out of this world here! He’s been called the Belgian Yngwie Malmsteen several times, but I must say that he has minimized that comparison on this album. Yngwie can be seen as the founder of the neoclassical metal and some similarities are inevitable! Those Yngwie bits reach the surface on the faster than lightning “With Fire And Sword”. Check those arpeggio’s!

Although “Dragon Princess” kicks off with a huge riff salvo (after the quiet intro) this track is more of a power ballad! Mr. Palin shines again and reminds me a bit of Mark Boals.

Album closer “Battlefield Magic” starts with heavenly orchestration, but soon transforms into a real shredder! Christian uses his lower meaner voice and the riffs from Dushan break every existing speed limit! A great way to end an album!

I’ll hit the replay button again!!

If you like fast and furious guitar playing, you should buy this album! If you’re into ballsy vocals you should order this disc. Dushan has managed to write an album that is packed with catchy melodies and extraordinary guitar wizardry. Above that, Christian Palin delivers the goods with his passionate power throat.

Track list:

  1. In Umbra Mea
  2. Guardian Angels
  3. Rivals Forever
  4. Full Moon Sacrifice
  5. Ship Of Ghosts
  6. Savage Requiem
  7. Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands
  8. With Fire And Sword
  9. Dragon Princess
  10. Battlefield Magic

Score: 4,25 out of 5


Text: Rik Bauters

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