Malevolence – Reign of Suffering – Siege of Amida Records – Out now

Malevolence – Reign of Suffering – Siege of Amida Records –  Out now

A bunch of 19-year-olds called “one of UK’s tightest, heaviest and most devastating live acts”. Well, you’ve got my attention with a band being promoted this way. Malevolence is a cross-over band who quickly gained some reputation in the underground. Now, under the wings of Siege of Amida, they unleash their debut  “Reign of Suffering”   among us.

Alex Taylor
Wilkie Robinson
Charlie Thorpe
Konan Hall
Josh Baines

Reign of Suffering
MalevolenceReignOfSufferingalbumcoverartTo be honest, I am not that fond of cross-over. Often it sounds too screamish for me and I soon get bored with the poser attitude. Malevolence seem to fit the description. Yet they manage to find some form of creativity. The dudes bring us a record with some nice elements to a yet already tired concept. Hardcore-ish vocals with some nice, yet predictable breakdowns will not do the trick for this record. It’s more when they bring some Lamb of God Elements in their sound, that they shine a bit. So there are some fun moments in the record, but they won’t win from the more predictable boredom! Sure there is talent. It’s tight and heavy, but no waythat they are UK’s most devastating live –act.  Of course I have not seen them live yet. But to be honest, I am not looking forward to it either.

For a spin or two this record is some nice background break. Will it get me in a mosh pit? No way!

Score: 2,4 out 5


01 In The Face Of Death
02 Condemned To Misery
03 Serpents Chokehold
04 Eternal Torment
05 Reign Of Suffering
06 Delusions Of Fear
07 Turn To Stone
08 Wraith


Text: Ronald van de Baan

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