Massacre – Back From Beyond – Century Media – Out Now

Massacre – Back From Beyond – Century Media – Out Now

Massacre, well one of the founders of death metal, are back. The masters of death metal, who made one of the best death albums out there: “From Beyond”. The wait has been long. But Rick Rizzo and his mates are back with a brand-new full-length: Back from Beyond.


Massacre is:


Rick DeLillo
Terry Butler
Ed Webb
Mike Mazzonetto

Back From Beyond
massacre-back-from-beyond-600x600Well, what to say ‘bout this record. We have been waiting for years to get them to deliver us a full-length. For me this record is a nice welcome back for the amazing Rick DeLillo-moments. The man who is responsible for how solos are played in death metal, still has his moments of glory. You just can’t deny that his fretting influenced many death metal artists. On this record he delivers us enough killer ones to keep the album on an above average record. Together with the insane Obituary kind a riffs flying around and the drums pounding your eardrums ‘till they bleed.  The vocals on the album are not done by Kam Lee this time around. Personally I don’t mind. The grunting  by Webb is more than just good enough. The growls of Webb really bring something extra to the sound. Of course the bass work is just finger licking groovy. What else is to be expected from Terry Butler? All together they glued a great grooving death metal record. Nothing more, nothing less.


  1. As We Wait To Die
  2. Ascension Of The Deceased
  3. Hunter’s Blood
  4. Darkness Fell
  5. False Revelation
  6. Succumb To Rapture
  7. Remnants Of Hatred
  8. Shield Of The Son
  9. The Evil Within
  10. Sands Of Time
  11. Beast Of Vengeance
  12. Back From Beyond
  13. Honor The Fallen

Score 4 out 5

The record ain’t a classic like “From Beyond”. To be honest, I did not expect it to be it! Dive in with a fresh mind and you will be pleased with this album. Massacre still know how to make a hell of a death metal record!  You can say Massacre somehow play it safe. They know what the people want from Massacre and they deliver. Good old school death metal made by the people who invented the style!


Text Ronald van de Baan