MAYAN – First »Antagonise« Trailer released

MAYAN – First »Antagonise« Trailer released



The new album of Dutch Symphonic Death Metal formation MaYaN is called ‘Antagonise‘, featuring 11 tracks, and will be released on January, 31st 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

The band explains, that “it’s about the current state of the world in which a small group of elites have all the power and try to dominate humanity. The tension is rising and the outcome yet unknown.”


Today, MaYaN reveals the first trailer about the album production:


The album was recorded at the “Sandlane” studio, along with producer Joost van den Broek (REVAMPSTREAM OF PASSION).

Guests on ‘Antagonise‘ are: Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISHREVAMP), Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION) and the Greek virtuoso violinist Dimitris Katsoulis.

Henning Basse (LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA) and Laura Macri have joined MaYaN as permanent members.


The tracklist of ‘Antagonise‘ will be:

01. Bloodline Forfeit
02. Burn Your Witches
03. Redemption ~ The Democracy Illusion
04. Paladins of Deceit ~ National Security Extremism part 1
05. Lone Wolf
06. Devil in Disguise
07. Insano
08. Human Sacrifice
09. Enemies of Freedom
10. Capital Punishment
11. Faceless Spies ~ National Security Extremism part 2

MaYaN will present the album within two shows in the Netherlands on the 30th of January at the “Mezz” club in Breda and the 31st of January 2014 at the “Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht.
Tickets are available from:
It’s also possible to buy a ticket in combination with the new (signed) album!

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