Melechesh – Enki – Nuclear Blast Records – Release: Out Now

Melechesh – Enki – Nuclear Blast Records – Release: Out Now.

melecheshenkicover_638Enki is the sixth effort of Ashmedi  and his black metal troop called Melechesh. Melechesh is one of those bands that fit the expression ‘you hate or love them’. There seems to be no middle way. I love how this band pioneered in putting Middle Eastern melodies into black music.
On “Enki” they did not create a new formula. It’s still pure black art with fine Arabic melodies all over the place. This time around they had a little help from friends such as Max Cavalera who put some vocal brutality on the song “Lost Tribes”. The record was recorded in Athens, just to bring something different to the table in their sound. Let me tell you: it worked.  The production does not have that typical “one in a dozen “ sound which many bands in this genre suffer. Melechesh found a way to pick the best from different genres and mold it into great art.

Melechesh still is a strange duck in the black metal pool.  The duck is tasty as hell though.

Score 3.8 out 5


Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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