My Sleeping Karma – Moksha – Napalm Records – Release: May 29th 2015

My Sleeping Karma – Moksha – Napalm Records – Release: May 29th 2015.

It’s rather difficult to describe the music of My Sleeping Karma. Metal, rock, prog, spaced out, down to earth and pretty much everything in between. These German rockers are about to release their fifth album “Moksha” and it promises to be quite the treat for lovers of more advanced rock.

My Sleeping Karma is:

Seppi – Guitar
Matte – Bass
Steffen – Drums
Norman – Soundboard

My Sleeping Karma -  MokshaThe first thing to notice about this band is that there is no vocalist. One whole rock album with no vocals at all and some pretty long songs. Surely that must drag on?

Not at all! While the band takes their time to spin out dreamlike riffs they crafted jus those riffs that on their own could fill up an entire song. And there’s a truckload of riffs and soundboard created passages for each song! While most songs are soothingly slow to mid-paced it’s those rare moments of a higher tempo that will get your blood pumping even more.

Songs like these don’t need a voice to accompany the instruments. The instruments do the singing themselves better than any person could. Between each song there is an interlude to give you a little bit of calm since the songs can get pretty damn intense. It’s refreshing to just see numbered interludes instead of some pseudo-philosophical title for short instrumentals that bands often do just to make it sound more interesting. Yet despite the simple titles even the interludes are pretty interesting and often quite offbeat compared to the ‘real’ songs.

This is an album that you can play hours at end, be it while you’re reading, working or just playing games. Like I said at first, it’s hard to describe My Sleeping Karma. You just have to experience it.

This is an album for those who like to keep an open mind regarding music and those seeking more of a challenge outside of the more standard hard rock. Great musicianship and enthralling song writing make this album a highly recommended purchase.

Track list:

  1. Prithvi
  2. Interlude 1
  3. Vayu
  4. Interlude 2
  5. Akasha
  6. Interlude 3
  7. Moksha
  8. Interlude 4
  9. Jalam
  10. Interlude 5
  11. Agni

Score: 4.7 out of 5


Tekst by: Robert Popovic

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