Myrkur – M – Relapse Records – Release: August 21st, 2015

Myrkur – M –  Relapse Records – Release: August 21st, 2015.

What do modelling and black metal have in common? ‘Nothing’, you will say. Of course you’re right. That’s why super model Amalie Bruun kept it a secret that she was behind the great dark act Myrkur. After an excellently received EP, Myrkur comes back with a full-length. This time helped out by big names out of the BM world, like TELOCH ( Mayhem ) and Øyvind Myrvoll from Nidingr and Dodheimsgard.

Myrkur is:
Myrkur: Piano, Guitars, Vocals
Teloch (Mayhem): Additional guitars & Bass
Øyvind Myrvoll (Nidingr): Drums
Ole-Henrik Moe: Íslensk fiðla, hardingfele & violin
Håvard Jørgensen: Acoustic guitar
Tone Reichelt: Horn
Martin Taxt: Tuba
Chris Amott (Arch Enemy): Additional guitars on “Mordet”

a2196000438_10After the debut of Myrkur was praised all over, it would not take long ‘till the first full-length would hit the surface of course. It came among us and I must say I am pleased with the outcome. Somehow they changed the sound a tad and there are more Folkloric elements woven into their sound. Like, the opener starts in very calm soothing way and has an almost folkloric vibe to it. No, Myrkur don’t go too soft; it all becomes spooky and eerie soon enough. The song ends in a bit of a hysterical and intriguing way I haven’t heard often on a record. There is even room for some standardish doom riffing which easily bursts out into some fine black. The screamish grunt of Myrkur is just insane and the contrast to the serene vocals is almost too harsh. The emotions go deep on this record. It all just gets a bit uncomfortable at times (in a good way). This record gives that little extra that makes a record an instant classic.

“Onde Born” has a more open sound. It’s way easier to digest than the previous two songs and I must say even though this song has a more friendly approach it’s still very haunting beautiful. One thing is for sure: Myrkur knows how to create some epic tunes. Haunting choirs combined with well used classical arrangements and all woven with some pitch black 2nd wave metal.  Myrkur is digging deep from her Northern heritage and the outcome is just sublime.  It sure gives a new fresh look at the world of black metal.

Whereas on the debut I did not always love the serene chanting parts, this time the female choir fits better with the mood Myrkur wanted to create. It makes more sense this time around and contributes to an even deeper emotional part. I love the vocals effects, especially the laughter parts give my bones some serious ice cold chilling.

“M” breathes Northern mythology all over and it tells us how horrific these stories are. The classical instruments used in a haunting folkloric traditional way combined with dark and gritty 2nd wave BM. That’s what Myrkur wanted to achieve and they did a hell of a job creating it!
The music of Myrkur became more of fairytale kind of journey, but it’s a dark and grim road! If the debut EP did not win your BM heart over, “M” will conquer it for sure!

Score 4,7 out of 5

1 – Skøgen Skulle Dø
2 – Hævnen
3 – Onde Børn
4 – Vølvens Spådom
5 – Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne
6 – Nordlys
7 – Mordet
8 – Byssan Lull
9 – Dybt i Skoven
10 -Skadi
11 – Norn

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Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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