Obituary – Atak Enschede, January 30th 2015

Atak, Enschede it is tonight. With some nice picks from different styles of metal, it is the place to be on this cold Friday night!

IMG_8316 copyFirst act Rotting Repugnancy doesn’t make a big impression on me. Their death metal was a bit well… too much of the same. Love the band’s energy. The singer has some charisma, but it never gets above average.

IMG_8393 copy


Dust Bolt from Germany brings the opposite. With their furious German thrash they get a mosh pit in a sec. Highly energetic and fun, that’s the best way to describe their stage presence. Music-wise there are simple yet effective thrashers. Dust Bolt really got the audience warmed up for the two “bigger” acts who are up next.

Mpire of Evil - Atak Enschede - 2015M-Pire of Evil, one of the gems in the scene nowadays. With ex–Venom members Dolan and Mantas you know what to expect. Hell and Fury and of course some Venom classics mixed in the set. I really love this act. The enthusiasm and stage act is just sublime. Love it how Dolan swallows a blood capsule and spit it gracious on the fans. Mantas is Mantas and shows he is really one of the pioneers of metal. M-pire of Evil showed here they easily could be a headlining act.

Obituary - Atak Enschede  - 2015But the cookie is not eaten yet (as the Dutch say). Master of US Swamp Death, Obituary are here to blast out one of the finest riffs made in metal history. One fun fact though. It’s a classic Obituary show without many classics.  Some mighty fury songs like ”Chopped In Half” and other ‘classics’ are missing from the set. BUT, they are not missed. The new songs easily bring the same power as back in the good old nineties. The audience notices the same and the lower part of the venue ends up being a nice firm mosh pit. Obituary came and conquered, a great night here at Atak Enschede. Obituary is one of those bands who never disappoint.

Text and photography: Ronald van de Baan

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