Obituary – Inked In Blood – Relapse Records

Obituary – Inked In Blood –  Relapse Records

Obituary. Since 1984 they have brought us eight records full of fierce grooves, slamming drums and growling vocals. Obituary is one of those legends you know that will always deliver. Live they are just as brutal as way back during the” Slowly we Rot” era. They don’t evolve much in their sounds throughout their stunning discography. But why change a winning team! This time the boys did it somewhat different with “Inked in Blood”.  They started a crowdfunding campaign and with the help of enthusiastic fans around the globe, they managed to record this beast of a record. Relapse Records distributes the record out to the masses now.  The release date is almost upon us.  Let’s hear what they treat us to this time!

Obituary Is:

Ester Segarra

John Tardy
Trevor Peres
Donald Tardy
Terry Butler
Kenny Andrews

Inked In Blood
12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]‘Fuck intro’s’, they must have thought when writing this record. The record immediately starts full paced and on full strength. It feels a bit eerie on the first spin. With most other bands starting their records with minutes on intro, Obituary just kicks off in full speed brutal riffing. The strength of Obituary is their trademark sound.  From the first note played you know it’s Obituary blasting out of the speakers.  Some people have the opinion that it all sounds the same. Well, they need to wash their ears out and start listening again. Of course it all sounds familiar and the songs could easily fit on previous records. But still, it is new riffs, new solo’s to bang on and last but not least new lyrics to roar along with!

Don’t whine that it’s all the fucking same again. It’s Obituary, they came, they conquered and they still are going brutal after three decades. Let’s hit play and mosh again!

Score 4,5 out 5


  1. Centuries of Lies
  2. Violent by Nature
  3. Pain Inside
  4. Visions in My Head
  5. Back on Top
  6. Violence
  7. Inked in Blood
  8. Deny You
  9. Within a Dying Breed
  10. Minds of the World
  11. Out of Blood
  12. Paralyzed with Fear


Text Ronald van de Baan

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