Phantasma release video for ‘Miserable Me’ !

This week sees the release of Phantasma’s debut The Deviant Hearts. Allow yourself to be transported to another world by Phantasma – a project sprung from the collective energy of Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Oliver Philipps (Everon) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain).

Today the band celebrates the exclusive video premiere for the track “Miserable Me”.

The band on the video premiere:
“We are happy to present to you another official Phantasma track and video. In ‘Miserable Me’, Georg introduces one of the most troubled characters from ‘The Deviant Hearts’ as he gives voice to our misunderstood deity; a god tired of being called a demon..”

Find an exclusive excerpt from “The Deviant Hearts” Novella by Charlotte Wessels, included in the Ltd Edition Earbook and the Ltd Edition digipack below:

“But, if you are not a demon, than what exactly are you?” Robin asked.
“Isn’t that obvious?” It stretched its body and towered above the two children as it bellowed, “I am as divine as any deity gets, a God beyond your wildest imagination!” Then even louder, “I am the voice that stirs the water, shakes the ground and fills the air with wonder!” The last words repeated themselves in several tongues while the deity stretched its neck and went back to a calm posture, then sighed. “But you are not to blame for being so regretfully unaware. I’ve been suffering from an awful reputation for as long as I can remember. The entire pandemonium cries out in laughter as they call me a demon, oh, I am truly, gravely misunderstood.”
It moved closer to the children. Its movements stirred something inside of Robin she did not know existed. Jacob too felt a strong urge to be close to the being, otherworldly and vaguely threatening as it was.
“You have found me at a bad time indeed.” It positioned itself between the children, put one arm around Robin, and the other around Jacob. In its presence they felt ultimately safe, ultimately warm, and yet half scared to death.”

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