Re-release: Rotting Christ – A Dead Poem – Sleaszy Rider Records

Rotting Christ – A Dead Poem (Re-Release) – Sleaszy Rider Records– Out Now

Rotting Christ are one of those polarizing bands that have changed their sound over the many years since their first inception. Starting with grindcore at the earliest beginning, progressing into black metal and adding more doom, melodic and gothic influences over the years.  Apparently a lot of their old albums have gone out of print, so Sleaszy Rider Records kindly decided to grace the world once more with the relics of the band’s past.


Rotting Christ on “A Dead Poem” is:

Sakis Tolis – guitar, vocals
Costas Vassilakopoulos – guitar
Andreas Lagios – bass
Georgios Tolias – keyboards
Themis Tolis – drums, backing vocals

A Dead Poem
COVER“A Dead Poem” is Rotting Christ’s 4th album, delivered a year after their previous work “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” and sees a continuation of the more melodic sound started with the previous album. Very few traces of black metal remain and the speed has been toned down a lot, when compared to the oldest stuff. The sound is a lot more melodic as well, with a bit more space for sweeping lead guitars and a bombastic sound.

This release itself is as bare-bones as they come. It is literally the same album as when it was released in 1997.
Personally I didn’t encounter the band until the release of their 2010 album “Aealo” and for people like me it’s interesting to see how the band has changed over the years. It’s still quite recognizable, yet at the same time it’s clearly an album that has been made at an earlier point in the band’s career. The song structures aren’t as multi-layered as they are these days and the sound production isn’t as full-blown as it is these days, but it’s far from bad. It’s actually pretty damn good considering the year it came out.

This re-release isn’t meant for the fans, or at least the ones that already have the album, as there is nothing new on this album. It is purely meant as a great treat for those who missed the album the first time around and for newcomers to the band. If you love you metal harsh, yet melodic, picking up this album should entice you to dive into the rest of their discography.

Track list:

  1. Sorrowful Farewell
  2. Among Two Storms
  3. A Dead Poem
  4. Out of Spirits
  5. As If By Magic
  6. Full Colour is the Night
  7. Semigod
  8. Ten Miles High
  9. Between Times
  10. Ira Incensus

Score: 4 out of 5

 Written by Robert Popovic