Tommy Johansson started to play guitar at the age of nine after he’d seen Gary Moore’s video “Out in the Fields” and started singing at the age of 15 when he was introduced to Skid Row‘s track “18 And Life“. His days of soft rock were over when he first heard Helloween and Stratovarius. After some years in a music school, Tommy had become more of an “all man musician” who could play almost everything: decent guitar, piano, drums, bass guitar and also flute. His songwriting had of course developed to a more advanced level. He formed Reinxeed in 2004 and in 2008 his first album “The Light” was released. Tommy’s skills got the attention of Christian Liljegren (former singer and founder of Narnia) and he signed Reinxeed to his label. Together they released two albums with the band Golden Resurrection. Tommy’s previous album “1912” told the story about the Titanic. He wanted to go even further and this newest release “Welcome To The Theater” is inspired by different movies. So let’s start this movie marathon!!

ReinXeed  is:

Tommy Reinxeed – vocals, guitars, keyboards & orchestration
Calle Sunberg – lead guitars & backing vocals
Nic Steel – bass & backing vocals
Alfred Fridhagen – drums


The album kicks off with an obvious film score intro. An introduction to the movies that coming  our way, as you will! The orchestration and the galloping guitars takes us on our first trip to an island where dinosaurs ruled the world in a story inspired by the ‘JurassicPark’ movies. Immediately Tommy’s  way of playing takes over (= fast, almost shredding,  riffs) but it doesn’t dominate the song.  Mr. Johansson’s vocal skills have improved further. He seems to be more in control of the higher tones. But rest a shore he still can hit the high ones with a natural ease. We take a dive into the future with the powers of the Force and The Dark Side during the superfast but very melodic “Follow Me”. A big hint to the Star Wars saga is the sentence: “I am your father!”. The orchestration in the background injects the song with the necessary amount of drama and cinematic feel. The strong orchestration in “Save Us” gives this track a spacey feel. It also introduces the wonderful vocals of an unknown mysterious female. The intro of “Stranger Tides” brings the sea in mind and this song tells the story of Jack Sparrow as the famous Caribbean Pirate. The orchestration in the songs always brings the bombastic film score in the sound. This time that orchestration is hugely responsible for the overall sound and feel. But of course we’re been spoiled with mind-blowing guitar work from Mr. Reinxeed en his companion Calle Sundberg. “Somewhere In Time” has a pure cinematic theatrical middle section, which is followed by pure guitar extravaganza by Tommy & Calle! Tommy hits some ultra high notes here as well. I just love those high screams! “Freedom” is build upon a supersonic riff. Tommy is vocally assisted by Ronny Hemlin from Tad Morose. His darker and lower voice forms a fine contrast with Tommy’s voice. The song can, be seen as a long battle hymn with a spherical middle section. The best track on the album for me. Great vocals, awesome choir-like harmonies, bombastic orchestration and many jaw dropping riffs!! Governor Arnie once said ‘I’ll be back’ and his presence can be felt in the mid-tempo track “No Fate”. This song has a more traditional metal vibe (Accept – Judas Priest) and it’s a welcome change. When you close your eyes during the break you’ll see the terminator running before your eyes. The riffs shift up in the highest gear in their attempt to keep up with Indiana Jones in his search for the “Temple OfThe Crystal Skulls”. The harmonies in the chorus are pure ear candy! The title track has some poppy keys and is catchy as hell. Tommy even throws in elements from 70’s movies and musicals. A bit odd is the fact that Tommy shouts ‘Welcome to the theater, we’ll show you to your seats, look onto the screen…..’ at the end of the album. So I will watch theJurassicPark movies again laying in my lazy chair!

Tommy proved with this album that he’s a master in writing catchy songs! You’re instantly been thrown in the different movies to see the plot evolve! When you’re a sucker for Tommy’s playing you just can’t go around this release. Once again he’s treated us with an overload of excellent guitar riffs. This time served with a great dose of orchestration. I wonder what the man will come up with his next release? Bring it on, Tommy!


  1. Welcome (Intro)
  2. Life Will Find A Way
  3. Follow Me
  4. Save Us
  5. Stranger Tides
  6. Somewhere In Time
  7. Freedom
  8. No Fate
  9. TempleOf TheCrystalSkulls
  10. Welcome Te The Theater

score: 4 out of 5


Written by Rik Bauters




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