HELL - 013 Tilburg Netherlands 2013 - LivereviewerBecause of the shitty weather in the Netherlands today, the traffic is undoable. This causes me to run late on the eve of one of the best metal gig line-ups of this year. When I ran into the 013 while getting my camera ready HELL had already begun their theatrical heavy metal set. Hell, coming soon with an amazing new album, do what they always do: They deliver a great live-act with pure heavy metal. For me HELL are a band who easily can fill a headliner job any day. Of course front man David gets his whip out again tonight. The setting is very theatrical and dramatic and the band sure knows how to bring their metal to the masses.

The 013 is really loaded. No wonder if you see the other two names on the bill. The people are from all ages. No wonder with such a diverse bill. In my eyes the promoter did a great job making this bill.

Besides HELL, Carcass and Amon Amarth are going to cause some mayhem in 013 tonight! This line-up gives three killer bands from different genres. Not all the people are pleased with three genres combined. But hey, you can’t win everybody over.

Carcass - 013 Tilburg Netherlands - LivereviewerCarcass is up next and music wise they are my favorite for tonight.
With their death/grind they won the hearts of many metal heads in the nineties. They called it quits after some good years and they received a cult status.  Thank god they started to perform again after some years of silence, but a new record still was not there on the horizon. This year there finally was a new record.  “Surgical Steel” came out and yeah we finally can bang our heads on some new fine Carcass Tunes. Carcass is a legend in the death metal scene. Tonight they show that they earned that title! Carcass is playing very tight and the death metal quickly finds its way to the audience. They get a good response from the audience. Their set list has got quite some “Surgical Steel” tracks in it. I must say the people in the audience know them already and the songs are as great received as their killer classics from the nineties. Damn great to see Carcass back alive and kicking.

Amon Amarth @  013 Tilburg - LiveReviewer-2 copyTwo splendid gigs already, now it’s time for the final act.  Some people got their Viking helms put on. Dim the lights, grab your drinking horn. It’s time for some furious Viking metal from the kings of Viking Metal. Amon Amarth also released a mighty fine record this year. I noticed that there are loads of Amon Amarth fans in the sold out venue. Viking Metal seems to be the winner tonight. The choreography of the band is killer. It lacks some spontaneity some times. But damn, the show is tight. The crowd really goes wild on Amon Amarth. I bet many people lost their voice this night by screaming along the warrorish lyrics. The people get a real treat for their money tonight. Amon Amorth plays till 22:20 making it an almost two hour set.

Tonight it was a superb night with three metal-acts providing the crowd a real treat for their money! Let’s give us more of these amazing nights in the future!

Text Ronald van de Baan

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