Report: Sepultura – Legion of The Damned – Flotsam and Jetsam – Mortillery @ atak Enschede

Sepultura is one of the bands that made me fall in love with metal. It has been twenty years since Chaos AD was released upon the world. I remember how in my mid-teens this album made my neck hurt and left my bedroom in rampage after all those hours of blasting it loud. Sepultura never stopped my metal heart pumping and it is good to see that nowadays they are still relevant in the thrash scene. Last year they dropped a great record and now the guys are on a European tour celebrating “Chaos AD”’s anniversary and of course to bring the new music to the masses. Tonight they strike down at Atak Enschede in the Netherlands. Before these metallists pur sang will kick our asses tonight, we are in for a treat with three bands first. Tonight they brought with them: Mortillery, Flotsam and Jetsam and one of the Dutch finest: Legion of the Damned.


Atak 2014Mortillery treats the audience tonight to some nice old school thrash. These youngsters show that old school thrash will never die. These thrashers are full of  raw energy and have got a nice stage presence. The lovely lady on the vokills does a stellar vocal duty. The audience appears to like them. Sadly for them the energy for a mosh pit is saved up for the other acts.


Atak 2014Flotsam and Jetsam is a mighty name in the thrash household. They have written some nice classics. Just like Sepultura they built quite some credit and it’s good to see them on the bill tonight. Well what can I say? Flotsam make a very good impression tonight. Vocalist Eric Knutson is as charismatic as ever. His performance is fun to watch and his vocals are a real treat for the ears. Tonight it’s also Eric’s birthday. The poor man gets a pie in his face as a treat. Which of course gets a warm applause from the psyched audience here in Enschede. After pouring the whipped cream out of his ears, eyes and nose, the show goes on. It’s time for the recently re-recorded “No Place for Disgrace”. So it’s time for Eric to put on his helmet and give Atak a hell of a time! Great show of a band who still know how to give kickass shows.

Flotsam and Jetsam @ Atak Enschede 2014 - LiveReviewer

Atak 2014Legion of the Damned are up next. These guys have a home game tonight at Atak. These Dutch men recently released the thrasher “The Ravenous plague”. Legion are the first tonight who really get the audience to move. No wonder with classics such as “Son of the Jackal”. Maurice and the gang do what they are good at. Giving a hell of tight thrash show. The new songs easily fit between the oldies. Legion make the entrance fee already well spent.


Atak 2014
Tonight it seems that nothing can go wrong. Every ingredient tonight seems right. Great venue, stellar audience and a hell of a line-up. Well… Nothing goes wrong. From the first note Sepultura pour out, a mighty mosh pit appears.  And it never fades. It has been a long time for me since I saw such an enthusiastic audience. The last time was, surprise surprise, also with Sepultura. The vicious thrash mixed with a Brazilian vibe still makes the mosh pits swing. Of course the enthusiastic and powerful playing of Andreas and the gang are what still keeps this stampede going strong. Andreas is a beast on his axe. He still plays his instrument like he used to, many years go. The man doesn’t seem to have lost any of the passion he had since the first time some twenty years ago when I saw them for the first time. The fans get treated to great classics such “Arise”, “Orgasmatron” and a lot of “Chaos AD” tracks. The band is on fire tonight and there is no room for rest. The new songs from “The Mediator” are not left out either. Damn, these songs show that Sepultura still make relevant music and ain’t just a nostalgia act. I am still banging my neck as hard as in my teens again.

Atak 2014

Tonight was a night I wished every metal concert could be. Outstanding acts in a great venue with a motherfucking moshing crowd. Looking forward to see Sepultura anytime, anywhere soon again!

Text Ronald van de Baan
Photo: Ernst van Rossum 

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