Review: Abbath – Abbath – Season of Mist – Release: January 22nd 2016

Review: Abbath – Abbath – Season of Mist – Release: January 22nd 2016.

Every metalhead knows the artist Abbath. As the iconic front man of the legendary Immortal he really put a morbid stamp on the metal world. His signature facepaint and crabwalk may look funny, but the music is grim and epic. It’s just like you want your black metal from Norway. After years of battling with Immortal he decided to go solo. It took a while but the record “Abbath” is now almost unleashed to the world. The question is of course if Abbath has enough talent to deliver us some mighty metal which holds the same strength as his work with Immortal.

Abbath is
Abbath – Vocals & Guitar
King – Bass
Creature – Drums

abbath-solo-album-cover-530x530“Abbath” kicks off with some mighty riffing. With a steady yet fierce pace Abbath brings us his Immortal kind of music. It sounds like Abbath has found some creativity after his break with Immortal. The music somehow sounds more interesting than Immortal’s latest offering. It sounds more like the early era of Immortal. This time around it’s with a much more polished production. I don’t know if the better production improves the sound. It somehow feels a tad too polished at times and it misses some edgy punch. Still, it’s a nice piece of black metal art. I love the blast beat hammering of Creature. The mighty Kevin Foley from Benighted (sadly he already left the band) is responsible for these parts. I wonder who Abbath will bring aboard on the upcoming tour. The vocal work is very recognizable and has the Abbath trademark grunt all over it. Love how this bloke gnarls. The pounding bass of King is a true effort of mighty craftsmanship. Always loved the work of King and somehow him working together with Abbath is a dream come true! I love how the little details on this record give that little extra that most black metal bands are lacking. This record is an easy digest from the first listening session. But after a couple of spins the true beauty really blossoms up. I prefer to listen to the record on my old system to get more of that old school vibe Abbath is shoving through our throats.

I might not approve of which way Immortal broke up. I don’t know which side is speaking the truth. That’s why I won’t dive too much into the war going on between Abbath and the remaining soldiers of Immortal. One fact though, is that Abbath brought a mighty fine record. The Immortal fans will definitely dig this one. Let’s hope Immortal will make a piece of art like this one!

Score: 4 out of 5


  1. To War!
  2. Winterbane
  3. Ashes of the Damned
  4. Ocean of Wounds
  5. Count the Dead
  6. Fenrir Hunts
  7. Root of the Mountain
  8. Endless
  9. Nebular Ravens Winter [bonus]

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Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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