Review: Aborted – Retrogore – Century Media – Release: April 22nd, 2016

Review: Aborted – Retrogore – Century Media – Release: April 22nd, 2016.

“Who you gonna call? Gorebusters!”. Aborted fans have been teased with great success these past months with some delightful classic horror/ghost movie inspired artwork. Truly a great way to catch the audience’s eye and to dig into their memory of those guys with the fun VHS-covers. But is it all just smoke and mirrors or do these Belgium-based death metal brutalists know how to sink their hooks into you? Let’s dig into “Retrogore”!

Aborted is:
Sven De Caluwe – Gurgloroth
Mendel Bij De Leij – Flesh Upon The Razor Wire
JB van der Wal – Nocturnal Pulse
Ken Bedene – Hymen Blaster
Ian Jelekis – Immaculate Resection


AbortedThe word “delightful” should never be used in conjunction with death metal, yet intro song ‘Dellamorte Dellamore’ truly invokes it. Like some classic 60’s commercial jingle you get taken back into time, simpler times if you will. As the artwork evokes as well as the album title the new album is inspired by the classic gore movies of old, yet also incorporating more personal views on the world of today than before.

Don’t let the previous think that the boys have gone soft on this ninth album. It is one rollercoaster of violence with just the occasional softer and more melodic moment, often accompanied by gruesome noises. Classic movie intro’s set the scene for a gory soundtrack to dismemberment.
The rhythm section is tight like a Twinkie being strained to contain a 35 feet long block of gore. Mendel and Ian keep the riffs tearing through your ears like razor wire and Sven screams, grunts and blasts out his lungs on top of it all.

“Retrogore” is one relentless piece of work, filled with catchy hooks and some hard hitting breakdowns, right before the engine of death shifts into the highest gear again. Despite the length of some songs (considering the speed I’d say four minutes is long) they never tire. Each song is another demolition derby of strings and skins and when the ethereal ‘In Avernus’ closes down the album you’ll be left wanting more!

Let these wizards of gore take you to pieces with “Retrogore”! Sheer brutality and a terrific production make this one hell of an album for the death metal enthousiasts!

Score: 4 out of 5

1.Dellamorte Dellamore
3.Cadaverous Banquet
5.Termination Redux (album version)
6.Bit By Bit
7.Divine Impediment
8.Coven Of Ignorance
9.The Mephitic Conundrum
10.Forged For Decrepitude
11.From Beyond (The Grave)
12.In Avernus

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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