Review: Aerodyne – Damnation – Rock Of Angels Records – Release: Out now

Review: Aerodyne – Damnation – Rock Of Angels Records – Release: Out now.

Aerodyne formed in 2016 and are hailing from Gothenburg , Sweden. They released their debut album ‘Breaking Free’ a year later. The album was sold out three weeks after its release and got some great reviews. The band toured in Sweden but did also some European gigs. Now they are back with their second album ‘Damnation’.

Aerodyne are:
Marcus Heinonen – Vocals
Johan Bergman – Guitars
Daniel Almqvist – Guitars
Christoffer Almqvisy – Drums
Thomas Berggren – Bass


I saw this Swedish band at this year’s edition of Wildfest in Belgium. The guys surprised me with a powerful, energetic sound. The album starts with a typical 80’s ontro consisting of melodic guitars and some background vocals. But the album really kicks in gear with ‘Out For Blood’. Sharp edged riffs attack your middle ears and the slightly aggressive vocals from Marcus give it an extra bad touch. The short but melodic solo’s show some Iron Maiden influences. ‘Kick It Down’ is a fast Motley Cruë on speed track that makes you bang your head. ‘March Davai’ has a slower pace but isn’t less heavy. The band played this track live at Wildfest and I liked it instantly. The background vocals gives it a sleazy touch. Again the solo’s are pure melodic heaven.

Aerodyne brings a sound that is ssoked with classic 80’s metal. So is ‘Under The Black Veil’ a pure rifforama and can be catalogued as fast paced metal with angry vocals. The ideal song to release some steam.
The title track is a whole other ball game. It irradiates more sleazy vibes, has a slower pace with an obvious present bass guitar. The chorus even flirts with melodic rock. ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ is another neck breaker with some excellent Iron Maiden guitar parts in the middle section. The longest tracks are places at the end of this album. ‘The Nihilist’ shows more experimentation with other influences and lets Marcus really shine here. The album ends in beauty with the melodic ‘Love Eternal’. Check out those lovely early Helloween twin guitar parts as well. A great versatile album filled with sleazy metal.

Aerodyne’s debut was a slap in the face, but the second one is even better. A real party animal this time around. Crunchy guitars, fitting vocals and a powerful sound. For those melodic rockers who love metal as well is this the perfect combination. Curious what the future may bring for these guys. Let’s bring it on, dudes!

Score: 4,5 out of 5


  1. Hellsiah
  2. Out For Blood
  3. Kick It Down
  4. March Davai
  5. Murder In The Rye
  6. Under The Black Veil
  7. Damnation
  8. Kill Or Be Killed
  9. The Nihilist
  10. Love, Eternal


Text by: Rik Bauters

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