Review: Alestorm – Sunset On the Golden Age – Napalm Records– Out Now

Alestorm – Sunset On the Golden Age – Napalm Records– Out Now

The Scottish party pirates are back! Kids these days sure have it nice. Back in the day Running Wild was the only way out there to be a metal pirate (a damn fine way though!), but these days you can have real pirate festivities with Alestorm. It’s been three years since the band last shipped it’s audio-rum and now the band drops the fourth album into the world like a heavy anchor. Timber my shivers and let’s have a look at the latest pile of pirate loot!


Alestorm is:

Christopher Bowes – Vocals & Keytar
Dani Evans – Guitars
Gareth Murdock – Bass
Elliot “Elephant” Vernon – Keyboards
Peter Alcorn – Drums

Sunset On the Golden Age
alestormConfession time! Aside from a half hung-over midday performance at a festival I have never really dived into the ramblings of these Scottish rascals. Listening to it without prejudice easily makes it clear that it was an error. From the intro to “Walk the Plank” (which really reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s theme song) all the way to the pen-ultimate song “Hangover” this album is all about partying. A healthy mix of power metal and folk metal, infused with typical pirate tunes gives the songs a cheery feel. The catchy choruses grab you and won’t let you go until you are able to down a few pints and still sing them without errors.

Special mention for “1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)” which puts you back in time as well, though it makes a short stop in the 80s with its awesome videogame audio-chip intro. After that retro-futuristic intro you get hauled back into the time of pirates with a mighty epic song.
The party portion of the album stands with the aptly named “Hangover”, which starts off on a  more relaxed note as people usually do after a party, yet still dips into the party mood. After all, the best cure for a hangover is to start drinking again!
Another special mention is for the final song “Sunset on the Golden Age”, which (as mentioned before) is set apart from the rest of the songs. Clocking in at over ten minutes this one’s an even bigger epic than “1741” and rather than having a party mood this one sets the stage for a big tale. Musically-wise it’s more akin to Turisas’ old work rather than the pirate ways that we know Alestorm for, but it is a great ending to a fun-filled album!

There are a lot of party bands around, especially in the folk metal genre and Alestorm is no exception. With their brand of pirate music they do bring something special to the table and with this new album they’re guaranteed to stay in the top of the folk metal armada!

Track list:

  1. Walk the Plank
  2. Drink
  3. Magnetic North
  4. 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
  5. Mead From Hell
  6. Surf Squid Warfare
  7. Quest For Ships
  8. Wooden Leg!
  9. Hangover
  10. Sunset on the Golden Age

Score: 4 out of 5

Text by: Robert Popovic

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