Review: Behemoth – The Satanist – Nuclear Blast – Out Now

 Behemoth – The Satanist – Nuclear Blast – Out Now

Every Death/Black metal fan must have heard about Behemoth. With the illustrious frontman Nergal they have already poured out nine albums filled with demonical blasphemy and dark tidings. Their career was almost over when in 2010 Nergal got diagnosed with Leukemia. Luckily after a heavy period, Nergal fully recovered and went back on the road with his fellow bandmates to carry on the war against Christianity! Now they have unleashed full-length number ten “The Satanist” upon the world.


Behemoth is:

Nergal | vocals & guitars
Inferno | drums
Orion | bass
Seth | guitars

The Satanist
1000x1000Behemoth are a master in crafting a perfect sinister ambience. The metal they create always goes very deep and strikes the soul in a very deep, dark emotional way! The new record does not leave this path. Behemoth kickoff in an epic moodswing. Blow your Trumpets Gabriel is a nice slow-paced evil sounding masterpiece. Nergal sounds creepier than ever. It’s all very orchestral and bombastic. I guess the little ‘hail hail’ chanting in the song will be nice to chant along with live!

Furor Divinushas the well-knownup-tempo black riffing. It’s always a wonder how much layers Behemoth get stuffed into one song. The melodic riffing on this song is giving me quite some goose bumps.

On Messe Noire Nergal sounds very desperate and emotional. His grunting on this one really brings emotional depth to this song. On the first try it might sound a bit messy, but after a couple of spins the song turns out to be one of the better songs on this record. The solo at the end is one of the better instrumental parts. Behemoth showthat they are more than just putting out some blasts!

Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer kicks off with an occultish sounding black riff, bursting out in a nice up-tempo banger. So far I love the diversity of this record. Seems Behemoth will reach an even wider audience than they already have with this record.

Amen is straight pure old school black. It’s a blast from the past straight in your metal heart. This will make the more black metal orientated metalheads very happy! Pure genius how evil and sinister this song is.

Title Track The Satanist starts with a nice orchestral setting. The song structure is quite simple! With a few strings they set the mood for a new behemoth classic. Ballad black metal is what pops up in my mind. A very powerful song. This song has a very haunting nasty vibe.

Ben Sahar, one of the few songs that does not grab me at my throat immediately. Sure, it’s a nice mid-tempo blackish metal song. But not as special as what we are used to in receiving from Behemoth. Well, not all songs can be instant classics.

After the somehow mid-tempo part of the album it’s time to blast again! In the absence ov Light has that nice brutal touch! After the up-tempo intro the songs transfers to an acoustic part with Nergal speaking in a Dracula-ish tongue. I guess it’s in Polish cause I don’t understand a fuck of what he is saying. No matter though. The theatrical voice sets the mood and after the spoken part we blast further in epic proportions.

O Father O Satan O Sun. Not only the title is epic. The songs is a nice sort of slow-paced praying ending for this beast of an album. Damn, love how Behemoth end this album with all the strength and power they have in them.

Behemoth bring us a very sinister, yet theatrical album. Brutal parts are easily combined with epic slow-paced riffing. Nergal sounds like he is pouring out all of his anger, frustration and desperation into this record. With “The Satanist” Behemoth really deliver a masterpiece!

Score 4,7 out 5


1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 4:25
2. Furor Divinus 3:06
3. Messe Noire 4:04
4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 5:35
5. Amen 3:49
6. The Satanist 5:33
7. Ben Sahar 5:34
8. In The Absence Ov Light 4:58
9. O Father O Satan O Sun! 7:13


Text Ronald van de Baan

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