Review: Blackhour – Sins Remain – Transcending Obscurity Distribution – Release: January 5th, 2016

Review: Blackhour – Sins Remain – Transcending Obscurity Distribution – Release: January 5th, 2016.

blackhourQuick, think up a top twenty of countries that are known for quality metal. Chances are high that Pakistan’s not in there. Yes, Pakistan.
And would you know it, Blackhour is already up to their second album! “Sins Remain” has actually been out in their home country for a few months now, but Transcending Obscurity is giving them some well-deserved exposure in the rest of the world.
You wouldn’t know their origin through their sound, but this is heavy metal and not folk metal.
‘Losing Life’ has a modern sound switching between ambling forth and a more up-tempo speed, whilst also having a bit of a 90s melodic metal vibe.
‘Wind of Change’ feels more like modern Maiden with a big call-back to classic heavy metal showing the band’s diverse sound. Definitely a good banger!
Whereas the first two songs are of a very decent length it’s the third song ‘Life Brings Death, Love Brings Misery’ that takes the speed down a few notches and takes you on a nine minute journey of slightly AOR sound and melancholic heavy metal.
As this is a pretty short CD with only five songs the band makes up for the speed loss with ‘Battle Cry’ which ramps of like a racing car, only taking short breaks to change tires and speed ahead again. Catchy as hell and a clear sign that heavy metal fans should do well to keep track of this band.
Ending the album is the eight minute power ballad and title track ‘Sins Remain’. While the band lulls you into false security with a very soft first half all bets are off when the fire rages towards the end. A real kicker to end the album with!
I picked up this album on a whim and I’m glad I did so. Whilst the production isn’t as glamorous as western bands it is very earnest and pure. Besides that, the songs themselves have more than enough power to justify Blackhour’s entry into the heavy metal world.
Be sure to check them out and have the smaller scene thrive!

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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