Review: Cannibal Corpse – A skeletal Domain – Metalblade Records – Release Date Sept 16th

Cannibal Corpse – A skeletal Domain –  Metalblade Records – Release Date Sept 16th

The first zip of a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning and that ciggie after sex gives the same satisfaction as getting a new CC release in my inbox!  So I got an instant boner when their thirteenth studio release “A Skeletal Domain” got dropped into my inbox for review purposes.  I remember the first time I heard CC blasting out my Walkman (the iPod of the eighties for the youngsters among us). I was immediately hooked to that brutal yet technical blastphemy coming out of the speakers. The gory artwork and horrific lyrics were the cherry on the zombiecake! Now three decades in existence and after some ups and downs in their career they still provide us with killer death metal releases and they still keep drawing my attention with every release. Enough chitchat let’s digest this bastard!

Cannibal Corpse is:
Alex Webster – bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums
Pat O’Brien – guitar
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – vocals
Rob Barrett – guitar

A Skeletal Domain
Cannibal-Corpse-Skeletal-DomainCreepy guitars and whoomp there it is …. A killer riff that lets you know CC hit the death metal jackpot again. The intro song has a decent old-school vibe perfectly mixed with some maniacal technical riffery! Mr. Corpsegrinder does a perfect maniac job on the chorus on this one.  With blasting this song into the four minute duration without falling into boredom, they have managed to convince me with one song that this is one of the better CC releases since years.

And while digesting the rest of this beast of a record I can only come to the bizarre conclusion that this record puts Cannibal Corpse straight into my top ten releases for this year!  Even after some spins it still grabs my throat and won’t let me skip one second ‘till all songs are fully blast. I am actually considering taking them into court for causing me a whiplash by blasting their songs!

Lyrics wise they don’t disappoint either. Shivers hit my spine when George asks us to ‘fire up the hacksaws and cut their fucking heads of’.  I think lyrically wise they gave gore movie makers plenty of inspiration, or was it them giving Cannibal Corpse the fuel? Who knows!  Either way George manages to growl the words straight into your brain and within seconds you will find yourself roaring along with this double necked vokill monster!

The production of A Skeletal Domain is so crystal clear that every little fucked-up thing created by Webster and co is noticeable. I say crystal clear, but no worries; it’s still rough as fuck of course!
And that’s the strength of Cannibal Corpse for me in a nutshell.  They provide us such gory old school blast-tastic metal, yet with so much detail and technical craftsmanship that they still rise above most metal bands out there!

Cannibal Corpse is one of those bands who have it all. Everything is spot on with them. The imagery, the lyrics and most important of all: the songs just kill! Where most bands get bored after spewing out several records, it seems Cannibal Corpse is one of those rare bands who keeps blasting out their talent and keeps providing us metal heads with top notch material!

Score  4,8 out 5


01. ‘High Velocity Impact Spatter’
02. ‘Sadistic Embodiment’
03. ‘Kill Or Become’
04. ‘A Skeletal Domain’
05. ‘Headlong Into Carnage’
06. ‘The Murderer’s Pact’
07. ‘Funeral Cremation’
08. ‘Icepick Lobotomy’
09. ‘Vector Of Cruelty’
10. ‘Bloodstained Cement’
11. ‘Asphyxiate To Resuscitate’
12. ‘Hollowed Bodies’


Written by Ronald van de Baan

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A.Anderson September 3, 2014 at 00:18

A Murderers Pact, such a great title.

Cannibal Corpse - Aeon - Revocation @ Hedon Zwolle- Netherlands - October 25, 2014 at 16:30

[…] the killer release “A Skeletal Domain” (you can read the review “here”) Cannibal Corpse of course is on the road again of course to promote this killer to the masses. […]

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