Review: Christian Mistress – To Your Death – Record Company – Release: Out Now

Review: Christian Mistress – To Your Death – Record Company – Release: Out Now.

christian mistressThese days it almost seems as if retro hard rock/heavy metal bands are a dime a dozen. Yet when bands manage to get the sound just right, they’ll easily get a pass.
Christian Mistress is definitely one of those bands in the last category, plus they’ve been at it for several years already. “To Your Death” marks their third album!
The music is pure oldies hard rock & heavy metal. The guitars have a great old school sound and the solos are a pure joy that will set your nostalgic heart on fire. The drums lack the huge multi drum sound of modern days and that’s a good thing, because Reuben Storey lays down one damn fine catchy beat that’s guaranteed to set you swinging, together with some very tasty bass work, courtesy of Jonny Wulf.
Tim Diedrich and Oscar Sparbel make for a superb guitar tandem, easily changing between lead and rhythm guitar on the fly. Their upbeat guitar play makes for a nice contrast to the melancholic and sometimes almost tired sounding vocals of Christine Davis. Mind you, I meant the tiredness in a good way, because it really adds to the mood of some of the more downcast lyrics, although she does some great full vocals as well.
What Christian Mistress bring you with their third offering is some damn fine old school heavy metal with no fillers to be found. If the songs don’t get you banging, it’s probably because you’re singing along to the catchy choruses.
It would be nice to see the band come over to Europe as the market for the classic sound is pretty big over here.

Score: 3.9 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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