Review: Cryonic Temple – Into the Glorious Battle – Scarlet Records – Release: Out now

Review: Cryonic Temple – Into the Glorious Battle – Scarlet Records – Release: Out now.

It seems to be a year of comebacks of old power metal favourites of mine. First there was Cellador and now I have in front of me the new Cryonic Temple album, nine years since their last effort “Immortal”! Unfortunately that one completely passed me by and I had given up the band after their long silence, so imagine my joy at diving back into the band!

Whereas “Immortal” was apparently a very different beast “Into the Glorious Battle” hails us with a full power metal glory, though the sound definitely changed. Keyboards have always made their impact on the band’s sound, yet with the, perhaps too slick, production they are very much on the foreground this time around. And there we come to one of my problems with the new album; the production seems to be just a tad too digital, as if everything has been put on the same audio level, making it hard to really enjoy some of the excellent melodic lead guitar work or the very dim sounding vocals. And that’s a shame because new vocalist Mattias really fits the new music very well, his voice really clicks with a lot of the uplifting songs, even if he does lack a raw edge which would suit the older songs better.

Luckily we can still enjoy Esa’s classic power metal guitar work and he’s backed by Markus as if he’s been in the band for ages, a perfect fit. Just listen to the dual lead solos in a song like ‘Mighty Eagle’ or, especially, ‘Heavy Burden’ which gets you back in old school Cryonic Temple mood.
Aside from the production the only other real issue I have with this album is the track listing. This is an album filled with powerful tracks, awesome guitar works, superb, if a bit overproduced, vocals and great singalongs.

However, there is no synergy between the intro track and opening track at all. Hell, the latter even comes with its own opening, making an opening track moot. However, an even worse decision is having the album snoozing out at the end. First there’s the slow ‘The War is Useless’ which could’ve been left off for me, then the excellent ‘Heavy Burden’ and then the album ends with the eight minute long freedom which just goes on and on and really takes the album down a notch. It has a great crescendo, but it just takes way too long to get there. Overall “Into the Glorious Battle” is a good comeback, but it could have been better by cutting off some things instead of padding out the album.

Score: 3.8 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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