Review: Ektomorf – Aggressor – AFM Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Ektomorf – Aggressor – AFM Records – Release: Out Now.

EF_A-C-800x800Listening to the new Ektomorf album is like getting transported back to the mid-90s heyday of groove metal. It doesn’t feel like much has changed music-wise, but what you do get is a healthy dose of heavy grooving metal with a top notch production that really brings out the bass to terrorize the neighbourhood.
Most of the album is rather standard groove metal fare, bar the nü-metal ‘Emotionless World’ which might give you a nice flashback to the late 90s/early 00s when nü-metal was everywhere. Another personal highlight is ‘Evil by Nature’ which has Cannibal Corpse’s George sing along adding some well-fitting brutality to the song. Softly ending the album is the acoustic and rather beautiful ‘Memento’. All in all I would say that it’s an okay album that’s full of passion and doesn’t do anything wrong, but there’s just something missing to make this a really good album.

Score: 3 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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