Review: Evenline – Dear Morpheus – Record Company – Release: Out Now

Review: Evenline – Dear Morpheus – Record Company – Release: Out Now.

evenlneEvenline are an American ba… wait, scratch that. Evenline are in fact from France, but their sound is so perfectly American you’d easily make the same mistake when hearing them for the first time. Was originally released back in 2014, but now the album has been re-released as a deluxe version featuring a bonus cd “Into the Arms of Morpheus” featuring five tracks of the album in an acoustic setting.

Whereas the main album was already a diverse mix of alternative rock with smatterings of metal this new acoustic edition adds a nice new perspective on the songs by setting them in a lighter mood. Emotional songs like ‘Without You’ and ‘Letter to a Grave’ gain more feeling in this way and a formerly more muscular like ‘Hard to Breathe’ certainly has a new face going for it.

All in all it’s a nice new version of an already diverse album. It’s certainly a good purchase for people unfamiliar with the band who do love the 00s American wave of heavy alternative rock. For fans it would be nice if there’s an option to purchase the acoustic CD on its own.

Score: 3.7 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic