Review: Evergrey – The Storm Within – AFM Records – Release: 09-09-2016.

Review: Evergrey – The Storm Within – AFM Records – Release: 09-09-2016.

Funny how things go. About a year before Evergrey’s previous album “Hymns for the Broken” was released the band was pretty close to being over. Yet, the band managed to completely revitalize itself with the massive “Hymns…” album and here we are now at their tenth album in their twenty year history of melodic metal, “The Storm Within”.

Evergrey is:
Tom S. Englund – Vocals, Guitar
Rikard Zander – Keys, Backing vocals
Johan Nieman – Bass, Backing Vocals
Henrik Danhage – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jonas Ekdahl – Drums

The Storm Within
EvergreyWith their previous album Evergrey made a strong basis to build a great future on and “The Storm Within”, instantly delivering the moody and dramatic heaviness with ‘Distance’ before going into ‘Passing Through’, which shows that first looks can be deceiving as it starts off with EDM-like keyboards, but quickly turning into one hell of a catchy song with glorious double lead guitar tickling your ears. The solos on this album are pure eargasm as always, Tom and Henrik are a perfect guitar duo!

Shifting down a few gears is the very dramatic ‘Someday’ which despite its overall heavy feel does have one hell of a catchy chorus, which I often found myself singing even when not listening to music. Let’s cut forward two songs towards ‘The Impossible’ which features a main spot for Rikard’s beautiful keyboard playing. Like the acoustic bonus tracks that came with the previous album I always love it when Evergrey go low key like this. The emotional side of the band really shines so much. But as these things go we bounce right back with ‘My Allied Ocean’, a more typical Evergrey pounder.

This album also features two guest appearances; Of course we hear the always lovely voice of Carina Englund again, with the beautiful and emotional ‘The Paradox of the Flame’, in a beautiful duet with Tom. ‘In Orbit’ features the powerful vocals of Floor Jansen from Nightwish. After a spotlight for Tom she easily slides into the song with her enchanting voice and when they both sing the chorus it creates a great synergy, how I would love to hear Carina and Floor sing together!

After one last heavy hitter in the form of ‘Disconnect’ the album draws to an end with the title track, which really feels like a farewell song, leaving the fans yearning for more.

Evergrey have taken the flaming rebirth they had with “Hymns for the Broken” and turned it into a blazing fire with “The Storm Within”. The band is in top form and have managed to create an excitingly diverse album, whilst still being very recognisable as Evergrey.

Score: 4.8 out of 5


  1. Distance
  2. Passing Through
  3. Someday
  4. Astray
  5. The Impossible
  6. My Allied Ocean
  7. In Orbit (Feat. Floor Jansen)
  8. The Lonely Monarch
  9. The Paradox of the Flame (Feat. Carina Englund)
  10. Disconnect
  11. The Storm Within

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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