Review: Existance – Breaking The Rock – Black Viper Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Existance – Breaking The Rock – Black Viper Records – Release: Out Now.

Existance was founded at the tail end of 2008 by Julien Izard, who wants to keep the musical spirit of the 1980s heavy metal alive. Three years later the band recorded a demo. The German label High Roller Records quickly made them an offer and the demo was re-released on CD and vinyl a year later. The follow-up “Steel Alive” was released by Mausoleum Records in 2014. With the ‘Steel Alive Tour’ they even got a gig at PPM fest in Mons, Belgium and also as support for Vandenberg’s Moonkings. In 2015 they opened for the mighty Joe Lynn Turner in Belgium. Now they strike back with their third album “Breaking The Rock”.

Existance is:
Julien Izard – lead vocals/guitars
Antoine Poiret – guitars
Nicolas Martineau – drums
Julien Robilliard – bass

Breaking The Rock
ExistanceThe album kicks off in a traditional 80s way. An intro welcomes us and after 80 seconds the guitars come crashing down and Julien starts to sing with power. His vocal skills have improved since I saw them over a year ago in Belgium. ‘Heavy Metal Fury’ is a fitting opener that bursts of energy and lets us taste some 80’s inspired metal. During ‘Honest’ the speed of the riffage goes up! The guys know how to keep it interesting and the song is simply a solid ball of excellent string work! I love the sound from the guitars which remind me a bit of a German band called Gravestone!

They manage to write great compositions with lots of variation. ‘We Are Restless’ let’s us hear a more relaxed singing Julien! The harmony vocals give this track a minor hair metal touch. But the crispy guitars always made me think of the golden eighties. Super catchy and they immediately get stuck in your head. The hugely melodic ‘All Is On Fire’ even holds some twin guitars during the break.

‘Deserve Your Love’ has a commercial sounding chorus and during the verses I detect some clear Iron Maiden riffs! ‘Sinner Of Love’ goes even further on that melodic rock paved path. This power ballad combines sensitive licks with harder riffs. And don’t we all love the fact that more than one guitar solo is better than just one!

Their adoration for Marilyn Monroe boosts the speed again on ‘Marilyn’. They push the pedal further down on the blistering ‘In The Name Of Revenge’. The riffs in ‘Pain In Paradise’ remind me a bit of the “Breaker” album from Accept and the same can be said for the album closer and title track ‘Breaking The Rock’.

When you’re a sucker for the classic metal sound with superb guitars and a high sing along factor, you simply have to listen to this album. These young guys know how to write catchy songs. This album is a trip down memory lane and always makes me feel young again! Looking forward to seeing these guys again on stage!

Score: 4 out of 5

1. Heavy Metal Fury
2. Honest
3. We Are Restless
4. All Is On Fire
5. Deserve Your Love
6. Sinner Of Love
7. Marilyn (Icon Of Desire)
8. In The Name Of Revenge
9. Pain In Paradise
10. Breaking The Rock

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Existance Facebook
Black Viper Records Facebook

Text by: Rik Bauters

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