Review: Eye of Solitude – Cenotaph – Self-Released – Release: 01-09-2016

Review: Eye of Solitude – Cenotaph – Self-Released – Release: 01-09-2016.

Eye of Solitude started their journey into bleakness in 2010 and have had quite a rich release history already. Personally I didn’t encounter the band until their third album “Canto III”, but it was an instant love for this very heavy and mournful doom metal piece of art. After an EP and a split with Faal it’s finally time for their fourth opus “Cenotaph”.

Eye of Solitude is:
Daniel N. – Vocals
Mark A. – Guitars
Steffan G. – Guitars
Chris D. – Bass
Adriano F. – Drums

Eye Solitude“Cenotaph” starts with a very heavy piano tone in its title song as if it’s a continuation (yet I couldn’t find a link to the previous works), which instantly sets the tone for this new album; Heavy as hell! Heavy, slow guitars and a funerary march drum tone continue the brooding atmosphere until Daniel joins in with a growl from the deepest bowels of the earth. Yes, this is Eye of Solitude alright!

What follows is a masterclass in slow funeral doom; growls filled with mourning, guitars that leave your guts trembling and a drumbeat akin to a water faucet that has been turned open ever so slightly, drip-feeding your heartbeat into a steady pace.

It’s no until way past the halfway mark that we hear Daniel’s softer vocals in a sea of keyboard tranquillity. How big the contrast when the guitars and drums kick in again. Melodies of agony and sorrow. I thought the band would be hard pressed to top “Canto III”; how mistaken was I?
This album is a perfect mixture of the slowness of ancient empires getting buried in the desert sands, with sudden eruptions of volcanos, bringing everything back to life, only to slowly be laid to rest again.

In truth, the music isn’t even that much different from previous works, but it’s the flawless execution as well as the four track playlist that won’t outstay its welcome that makes this album top the previous efforts.

This band has always set a high standard for themselves and even when it seemed that “Canto III” might have been their highest point yet, they still manage to outdo themselves with the mighty “Cenotaph”. Lovers of bleakness, tragedy and pure heaviness, pay tribute to the “Cenotaph”.

Score: 4.8 out of 5

2.A Somber Guest
3.This Goodbye. The Goodbye

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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